Mario Mola goes down for the third time in 14 minutes in the 5 km of a Sprint triathlon

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The Spaniard has downloaded 20 times of the 15 minutes in ITU tests

With a spectacular comeback and the best runner-up (13: 59) got its third consecutive win at the WTS in Hamburg this weekend

Mario Mola, winner of the last World Series in Hamburg with a spectacular comeback in the running sector has achieved for the third time Get off the spectacular 14 mark minutes to complete the 5 km race of which is a Sprint triathlon.

He has already achieved it twice in Hamburg (both WTS) one in 2018 and one in 2015 in addition to the one achieved in the Mooloodaba World Cup in 2014.

Hamburg 2018: 00: 13:59 1st place

Hamburg 2015: 00:13:55 3rd place

Mooloodaba 2014: 00:13:55 1st Place

If we count the World Cups and the Sprint Distance World Series in which Mario Mola has participated, In total, 22 has finished, And in 20 of them has come down from 15 minutes in the 5km of running race.

We know that the foot race circuits in ITU competitions are not homologated in the same way as track and field races

Mario, with a great season this year with 2 wins WTS, two second places He is getting closer and closer to winning his third world title in a row.

To know if this year will be world champion there are only 3 appointments to be played, Edmonton (27-28 Julio), Montreal (25-26 August) and Gold Coast (15-16 Sept)

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Photo: ITU Media / Janos Schmidt

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