Mario Mola the best 2017 runner in the WTS, running at 21,23 km / h

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Mario Mola reached the 21,23 km per hour in the Hamburg test

These days the ITU is recognizing the best athletes of the 2017 season of the WTS, where Mario Mola He got his second World ChampionshipWell, today it was the turn of the best runner in the Series where the Mallorquin was the fastest of the season.

In #WTSHamburg, under sprint distance, Mola raced to run like a rocket after joining the cyclist squad in the T2. He advanced Richard Murray, Vincent Luis, Javier Gomez Noya and Jacob Birtwhistle to win the race with a margin of 12 seconds. And that's a sprint test! Not bad to win his third WTS gold at that time.

 In this race Mola marked the fastest pace of the season reached the 21.23 km / h

Video career foot WTS Hamburg

Flora Duffy the fastest

Flora Duffy Best Runner WTS2017

Flora Duffy was the fastest woman in the Rotterdam Grand Final that he completely dominated and that helped him get his second world title. It was the second one to get out of the water, I attack on the bike leaving with two women but what led her to victory was her running, finishing with 55 seconds ahead on the second classified.

Video of the Grand Final Rotterdam race


Throughout the rest of January THE ITU will be naming “Best of 2017” of the year, from overall athletes to top race performances and inspiring finishes, because when you have a year like the one we just had, it's time to celebrate!

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