Mario Mola in search of his third consecutive world title

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Mario Mola is the undisputed favorite to get his third world championship, while Fernando Alarza will hurry his chances of being a podium.

This weekend comes the Grand Final of the WTS in the Australian city of Gold CoastWhere Mario Mola will try to become three-time world champion, and thus equal Javier Gómez Noya as the only triathletes capable of winning three world championships in a row.

It would also be the sixth world championship won by a Spanish triathlete consecutively, something unprecedented in an Olympic sport. For its part Fernando Alarza part as the fifth classified in the general and will rush to the maximum his options to get the bronze medal. The rest of the Spaniards in the Australian event will be Vicente Hernández who a few days ago was third in the French Grand Prix of Quiberon and Cesc Godoy

Mario Mola it depends on itself, it arrives with the highest income in history to a great finale and "only" needs a top14 to revalidate the title. If you enter into mint among the first 14 you will be world champion regardless of what the rest of their rivals do. The other candidates for the title with mathematical options are Jacob Birtwhistle y Vicent Luis who obviously do not depend on themselves.

The Gold Coast event will be the highest level competition of the season, in addition to the four members of the Triarmada, the rest of the teams present their "gala teams", Australia with Royle, Bailie, William y Fisher to accompany Birtwhistle, France with Conix y Le Corre together with Vicent Luis, Norway with Blummenfelt, Stornes e Iden and Britain with the brothers Brownlee. On the part of South Africa they will be Murray y Schoeman

As far as women's competition is concerned, Sara Pérez y Anna Godoy will be the Spanish representatives. The fight for the world title is a matter of two, the American Katie Zaferes and the British Vicky The Netherlands who arrive separated by only 34 points, that is to say, whoever arrives first at the finish will be world champion as long as they do it within the 20 top.

Georgia Taylor-Brown He also has mathematical options, but he needs to win and that Zaferes and Holland are not top 20. A "USA vs Great Britain" is expected in the Gold Coast Grand Final, not in vain, between both countries occupy 7 of the 10 places of the top10 in the world ranking, four for the European and three for the American. In addition to them, the Dutchwoman Rachel Klamer, the Australian, are also favorites to win. Gentle and the German Lindemann.

On Saturday will be the women's competition, at the 15: 06 local time, the 7: 06 Spanish time and Sunday at the same time will be the men's race.

Gold Coast will also house the sub23 World Championships where they will compete Antonio Serrat, Roberto Sanchéz Mantecon, Cecilia Santamaría, Sara Guerrero and Marta Sanchez, as well as the junior world with the presence of Romanic Forquez, Guillem Montiel and Iria Rodríguez.

Where to see live the Grand Final of the World Series?

Female test

  • Time: 15: 06 PM (Local Time) 7: 06 AM Spanish Time.
  • Saturday 15 September 2018  

Male test

  • Time: 15: 06 PM (Local Time) 7: 06 AM Spanish Time.
  • Sunday 16 September 2018  

Where to see it live?


TDP: Live through television


Photos: ITU

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