Mario Mola second in the Abu Dhabi World Series

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The South African Henri Schoeman has achieved victory after a bike attack that helped him to win the race.

The test had 8 of the best triathletes in the Ranking last year.  Mario Mola, Fernando Alarza, Vicente Hernández and Uxío Abuin represented us in the test where they were also  Vicent Luis, Dmnitri Polianski, Richard Murray, Henri Schoeman and Kristian Blummenfelt great revelation of 2017.

The test began at 10: 30 Spanish time, under the rain, with the 750 meters swimming, where the first to get out of the water was Henri Schoeman with 3 seconds ahead of Ben Kanute and 5 over Jonathan Brownlee. The first Spaniard was Uxío Abuín at 9 seconds, Fernando at 19, Vicente Hernández at 23 and Mario Mola at 30 from the head of the race.

At the beginning of the fast-paced 20 km of cycling through the Yas Marina formula 1 circuit, with wet asphalt, a group was formed in the lead with Vicent Luis, Henri Schoeman, Jonathan Brownlee seeking to distance Mario Mola, since he has the best race at this distance.  

Due to the wet condition of the asphalt, Jonathan Browlee suffered a fall when he was pulling the group, but without consequences since he was able to rejoin. Another favorite Kristian  Blummenfelt suffered another fall that forced him to retire.

As they passed through the first round, a group of 10 was formed with Luis, Schoeman, Royle, Brownlee or Varga with a 30-second advantage over the group of Mola, Alarza, Hernández and Uxio. Halfway through the course, Shouman distanced himself from the group, leaving alone with a 10-second advantage over the more compact pursuing group with Mario Mola.

Finally the first to arrive at T2 was Henri Shouman with 5 seconds ahead of Adrien Briffod and Tyler Mislawchuk, while the group of 10 with Mario Mola in the lead reached 17 seconds. Vicente Hernández arrived at 1:06. Fernando Alarza 1:30 while Uxío Abuín arrived at 1:56

In the 5 km running race Mario Mola, the fastest triathlete in history in sprint distance with 13:55 in the Hamburg WTS was the one who took the reins of the chasing group, imposing his strong rhythm and cutting distance on Schoeman who was leading.

Finally Henri Schoeman  was able to maintain the advantage he achieved the victory with a final time of 57:03 followed by Mario Mola (57: 09) and by Vicent Luis (57: 25) occupying the third final position.


WTS Abu Dhabi 2018 Ranking

As for the rest of Spanish Fernando Alarza ended 17º to 1: 22, Vicente Hernández to 1; 39 who suffered a fall during the cycling sector.  Uxío Abuín finished the test to 2: 42. It is the first time since 2012 that a Spaniard does not win the opening round of the WTS

With this victory Schoeman becomes leader of the Rankign, being the first time that a South African leader leads this classification

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