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Mario Mola and Carolina Routier win at Sóller

Mario Mola and Carolina Routier were the absolute winners of the XXXII Ciutat de Sóller popular race, held on Sunday morning with a large participation - about five hundred registered athletes - who made the traditional route between Sóller and Port and back.

Mario Mola invested in the nearly 8.900 meters of route a time of 27:07, obtaining the second place also the international triathlete Miguel Ángel Fidalgo, who entered the goal with a record of 27:47. Antonio Roldán achieved third place (27:53), while Carlos Coll and Miguel Fernández achieved fourth and fifth places, respectively (28:30 and 30:20). In veterans, the first to reach the goal was Cirilo Jiménez (30:42).

In the women's category, the winner Carolina Routier achieved a record of 34:21, followed by Manacorina Bel Duran with 34:41 and Xisca Garau obtained the bronze position with a time of 39:31, with Britta Stemmler being the first veteran ( 41:40). In the junior competition they won Aina Contestí (43:16) in women and Lucas Mola (31:46) in men.


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