Marisol Casado «The absence of women in the Super League Triathlon worried us a lot»

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The president of the ITU has published on her blog an entry talking about the Super League Triathlon, where in addition to recognizing the great media coverage that has had the test and that will help to continue growing the triathlon regrets that it has started in the opposite direction to Gender equality 

The publication in English explains » We are sorry that the SuperLeague pushed in the opposite direction on gender equality. But we are confident that this will not set a precedent. Since the announcement of the SuperLeague, we have talked with the organizers to express to them that the lack of women is not the concept of triathlon we promote. We believe they are committed to include women in the next races on their calendar. "

Marisol Casado, recalls the successful Formula 1 series that began in the 90 years by the Australian Triathlon Federation and gave a positive boost to the sport of triathlon.

«As an International Federation, gender balance is at the core of our DNA, and the absence of women in the event concerned us greatly. Launching the SuperLeague without a women's event is a big step back for us. ITU stands out from other sports organizations as one of the best for gender equality and has been so since our inception. Equality is present in men's and women's competitions, as well as in cash prizes and the impact in the media. »Marisol comments 

The organization of the Super League already commented that the women's event would begin at the end of this year.

«Women began to participate in triathlon races at the same time as men. We even have an event that is a great example of gender balance: our Mixed Relay, an event in which two women and two men compete together" Add.

No doubt the launch of the Super League Triathlon has not left anyone indifferent and sure will continue to help grow the sport of triathlon although in a different format. Are we facing the moment of change in the Triathlon?

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