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Marlins Triathlon Madrid and Cidade Lugo Fluvial Spain Duathlon Champions by Clubs

Today the Championship of Duathlon by Clubs has been held in Punta Umbría (Huelva)

The clubs  Marlins Triathlon Madrid and Cidade Lugo Fluvial have proclaimed Spanish Duathlon Champions by Clubs in the category of First Division in the competition disputed today in Punta Umbría (Huelva)

In the men's category two Andalusian clubs, AD Sevilla y Montilla Córdoba Triathlon, they completed the podium, while the fourth and fifth positions were for Imps Rivas Mar de Pulpí and Isbilya Sloppy Joe's.

Genís Grau, of the Prat Triathlon 1994, achieved the first individual position after a close fight with Javier Martín Morales, of the champion team, which started the last race segment, and Cristóbal García Guillén, from Montilla Córdoba.

In the female category, victory has been for the Cidade Lugo Fluvial followed by Imps from Rivas and Saltoki Dikesi

The individual victory has been in a tight sprint for Edymar Brea followed by Sonia Bejarano and by María Varo occupying the third final position. Sandra Schenkel y Alba Reguillo they were fourth and fifth

All rankings can be found here: https://bit.ly/2S7g5I0

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