More than 200 people in the Spanish Winter Triathlon Championship in Jaca

More than 200 people have registered to date to participate this Saturday in the Jaca-Candanchú Winter Triathlon, a competition that is the Spanish Championship of the modality.

The organization, which is run by the triathlon section of the Mayencos de Jaca club, has capped the participation of 300 runners who will be able to sign up until Friday and 220 have registered to date, as explained in the presentation made today Michel Galay, head of the Triathlon section of the aforementioned club.

Present with him were the mayor of Jaca, Víctor Barrio, the Councilor for Sports, José Manuel Prada, the president of the Jacetania region, José María Abarca, the president of Mayencos, Pedro Arceredillo, and Fernando Valero on behalf of Candanchú station.

The Jaca-Candanchú Winter Triathlon is a competition that already took place between 1987 and 2000, under the name of White Triathlon, although it does not take place all on snow as it will run through several streets of the historic center and through the main monuments of the city. city ​​of Jaca.

Specifically, there are 10 kilometers of running on foot, divided into five laps through the city center, 33 of cycling between Jaca and the Candanchú ski resort, reaching the port of Somport, and 10 kilometers of cross-country skiing in the circuit from this winter center.

The competition will start at 10:45 am at the door of the Town Hall with the start of the women's category, while the men will start fifteen minutes later.

The organization foresees that at 11:20 am the first triathletes will pass through the Biscós square to take their bicycles towards Candanchú along the N-330, which, from that moment on, will progressively cut off traffic in the direction of the Somport port , where the last triathletes are expected to arrive at approximately 14:00 p.m., at which time the entire road will be free to traffic also going uphill.

After those 33 kilometers by bicycle, the participants will take the skis in the Candanchú military detachment to join the cross-country circuit, which they will do three laps of 3.300 meters.

The circuit is in "perfect condition" for the development of the event, which will conclude at the Candanchú biathlon stadium.

The start of the race has been delayed in order not to harm road users who go to Astún and Candanchú stations that day, so the organization has asked fans of white sports to access both centers before 11:15 a.m. so as not to be affected by the cut off of the N-330.

The road, however, will remain open in the direction of descent to Jaca at all times.

The president of Mayencos has recognized the effort made by the triathlon section in organizing this competition since it involves "three tests in one".

Likewise, he highlighted the importance of this type of events at a tourist level because "sports tourism is booming" and more and more "those who move to travel and compete", a fact that has also been underlined by the representatives of the City Council and the region.


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