The best triathlon photos in 2021 by photographer Tommy Zaferes

One of the best photographers in the world of triathlon, Tommy Zaferes He has shared a selection of the best photos he has taken in 2021.

This is the gallery, where he explains how he took each photo.

Photo 1

This image was the first one I took from the WTCS / WTPS season.

It was in Yokohama during a pre-race training session, and when I saw the opportunity to get this photo (and knowing that I only had about 15 minutes of the session left) I sat in the corner and waited and waited for all the legs to go up. line up.

After more than 10 minutes of waiting for the "perfect stride" with everyone in sync, I finally got the photo into focus.

Photo 2

In Lisbon I saw this building with giant windows.

I really wanted to take a reflection photo, but as the road was at the time, it was a great challenge to get the photo without my own reflection being there as well. I ended up hiding behind a tree and only trimming the edge so as not to come out of the frame.

But getting the driver in focus, as well as his reflection in the image, while driving at 40KPH, was difficult.

Photo 3

This WTCS Leeds image took a long time to take due to my position on the track and the changing light.

It was very dark under all the trees and it was cloudy, so when the clouds covered the sun it was ridiculously dark in this place, but then when the sun came it was incredibly bright.

I also had to find a place that was above the crowd to shoot over all heads to capture the happy boy.

I'm glad I invested the time and energy to get this photo, it always makes me happy!

Photo 4

I spent too much time trying to get this photo. The light at the time made the banner show through for a short period of time, but shooting through a chain-link fence and getting the moving athlete into focus on the other side is not easy.

I am very happy with this result, as it was a challenge to achieve it, and also very unique.

Photo 5

Flight montage photos of a bike are always great, but getting a panoramic flight montage photo is even cooler.

I was very happy to get this panoramic photo with someone who had such a colorful motorcycle.

Photo 6

In Montreal, before the men's final, I saw all the shadows of the guys in the waiting area before being called to the pontoon.

I was trying for a long time to find the best angle, and when I finally got it, they were about to start calling the athletes.

I had to rush to get the photo while all the guys were wandering around, but I finally got it, turned it around, and got a good perspective shot.

Photo 7

This photo was a complete fluke. It wasn't planned at all, I was just taking a general photo of the group of guys coming out of the transition zone in Edmonton, but to my surprise another runner passed right in front of me, and I was still able to perfectly focus on the athlete's face through a hole in the legs of the runner and the frame.

Very good!

Photo 8

In Edmonton I was thrilled when I saw this puddle. It was clean water, it had no leaves and it was right on the line of the race course.

Every time someone passes through a puddle like this, they are reflected in it for tenths of a second.

You have to be very attentive to get a focused photo in which the athlete is in good stride. It took me a long time, but in the end I got this one.

Photo 9

Abu Dhabi has impressive light in the early morning and early evening.

As the women were finishing up during sunset, I was able to get a rare silhouette shot on the famous F1 circuit.

Photo 10

In all the years that I have photographed Abu Dhabi, I have never gotten a photo of the entire tunnel.

When I saw that there was a large group of men on the motorcycle, I ran towards it as fast as I could because I knew that they would be chained entering the tunnel.

I was even more happy when I saw that this frame also included an athlete coming out of the tunnel. Boom!

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