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The best moments of the 2017 in Triathlon News

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Before the end of the year we want to collect what are in our opinion the best moments of the Triathlon in 2017

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1.- Mario Mola World Cup and Gold-Silver Doublet along with Noya

Mari or Mola

Mario Mola took his second consecutive World Cup and Javier Gómez Noya was a silver medal. Both have earned 3 gold-silver doublets in the past four seasons.

Photo: ITU

2.- Javier Gomez Noya World Champion Ironman 70.3

2 javier gomez noya world champion ironman703 goal

In Galician, he took the victory in his second Ironman 70.3 world championship after the one achieved in 2014.

Photo: @ironmanlive

3.- 5 Spanish top26 worldwide (Mola, Noya, Alarza, Chente and Uxio)

5 Spanish top26 worldwide (Mola, Noya, Alarza, Chente and Uxio)
Spain closed 2017 with five triathletes among the 26 best in the world: Mario Mola, Javier Gómez Noya, Fernando Alarza, Vicente Hernández and Uxío Abuín)

Photo Uxío: ITU / Photo Alarza: Marti Villa / Photo Chente: ITU - Tommy Zaferes

4- Iván Álvarez wins the Vitoria triathlon and in goal receives the news that he has been a father for the second time

Iván Álvarez wins the Vitoria triathlon and in goal receives the news that he has been a father for the second time
Iván Álvarez won in the Vitoria Triathlon for the second consecutive time and upon entering the goal received news that he had been a father, one of the most exciting images of the year.

Vitoria Triathlon Photo

5.- International consolidation of Saleta Castro, Gurutze Frades y Judith Corachán in Ironman and Ironman 70.3 circuits

International consolidation of Saleta Castro, Gurutze Frades and Judith Corachán in the Ironman and Ironman 70.3 circuits

The three Spanish triathletes consolidated internationally, achieving great results. Saleta was top5 in three Ironmans (1st in Maastrich, 4th in Malaysia and 5th in Lanzarote). Gurutze managed to qualify for Kona for the second time, thanks to being top5 in two Ironman KPR 4000, South Africa (5th) and Brazil (4th). For her part, Judith Corachán was the first Spanish woman to qualify for an IM 70.3 world championship, where she was ranked 20th, in addition to being top9 in the Moringa Challenge World Cup.

Photo Saleta: Ironman / Photo Gurutze: Courtesy of Gurutze Frades / Judith: Triathlon of Vitoria

6.- Kona classification of Carlos López

Carlos Lopez

One of the great exploits of the year. Carlos López managed to qualify for the Hawaii Ironman World Championship in the PRO category ... despite not being a professional triathlete, since he has his job of 40 hours a week as a surgical material commercial. Unfortunately Carlos was unable to compete after being hit by a car while training days before Kona.

Photo: IM Mallorca

7.- The Good Rockers never die

Eneko Llanos, Iván Raña, Clemente Alonso, Alejando Santamaría, Marcel Zamora and Iván Álvarez

Five Spanish triathletes Eneko Llanos, Ivan Raña, Clemente Alonso, Moving away Santamaría, Marcel Zamora e Iván Álvarez They showed that you can be competitive at the highest level in different types of tests with 38 or more years. Between the 6 they add close to 150 seasons competing, all (except for Ivan) have been in the triathlon for more than 25 years. His triumphs have been:

  • Eneko Llanos: He ran in Kona for the 12th time, 2nd in IM Austria and 4th in IM Nice (Photo:
  • Iván Raña: 11th in Kona and 3rd in IM Cozumel (Photo:
  • Clemente Alonso: 1st at IM Kalmar (Sweden) (Photo @TriSport)
  • Away Santamaría: 3rd in the Challenge Madrid (Photo: @Challengemadrid)
  • Marcel Zamora: 1st in Embrunman (Photo: Embrunman)
  • Iván Álvarez: 1st in the Vitoria Triathlon (Photo: Oinezko lasterketa / Triathlon Vitoria)

8.- The international medals of Emilio Martín and Mavi García

8 emilio martin mavi garcia

Emilio and Mavi achieved medals both in the duathlon world cup and in the European. The Huelva-born Emilio Martín was proclaimed champion of Europe in Soria and later achieved silver in the Pectinton World Cup. For its part, the Balearic Mavi García won a silver medal in both the European and world championships.

Photo: Mavi Garcia

9.- Rubén Ruzafa wins and medals

Rubén Ruzafa

Malaga's Rubén Ruzafa has reaped great results this year, highlighting the bronze medal at the XTERRA World Championship and the silver medal at the ITU Triathlon Cross World Championship. He was also proclaimed champion of the European XTERRA circuit and achieved victory in 7 tests of the XTERRA circuit.


10.- The victories of Patrick Lange and Daniel Ryf at the Hawaii Ironman World Cup

Patrick Lange and Daniel Ryf wins at the Hawaii Ironman World Cup

The German was about to drop from 8am in Kona, winning the race with a spectacular comeback in the foot race, while the Swiss took the victory for the third consecutive time.

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