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  • Lanzarote cycling tour

Less than 100 days to Challenge Peguera Mallorca

The countdown has begun for the Challenge Peguera Majorca, one of the most iconic tests of the Challenge Family franchise.

This event, which was awarded as "Race of the Year"And"Best Finish Line Party” in 2022, the next 14 October.

The Challenge Peguera Mallorca has become one of the most anticipated triathlon events of the year and is one of the best on the international scene.

This middle distance event is a perfect opportunity for athletes looking for a challenge in an idyllic setting.

Triathlete testimonials

Arnaud L'hôte, one of the triathletes who has participated in the Challenge Peguera, describes the event as one of his favorites. “The place is a paradise, perfect for training before the test", it states.

For its part, Klaus Roettger highlights the unique atmosphere of the test and the warmth of the volunteers. Heinz Werner Ermisch He also praises the organization of the event and the festive atmosphere that exists.

Test details

The test will be held in the medium distance modality, with 1,9 km of swimming, 90 km of cycling and 21 km of running.

The participants will have the opportunity to enjoy some of the most beautiful landscapes of Calvià and Mallorca during the test.

Know the test circuits

Parallel activities

In addition to the main test, the Challenge Peguera Mallorca offers various competitions for companions and family members to participate.

 These include the Junior Challenge Mallorca Run, la Challenge Women and Junior Aquathlon Challenge.

Peguera, a dream destination

Peguera, located on the island of Mallorca, is a popular tourist destination for its beautiful beaches and vibrant nightlife.

Visitors can enjoy a variety of activities, from strolling through its streets full of shops and restaurants to exploring its impressive natural landscapes.

Open enrollment

Registration for the Challenge Peguera Mallorca is still open.

 Do not miss the opportunity to participate in one of the best triathlon events in the world, which has attracted thousands of athletes from all over.

For more information, visit the official page of the event.

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