• Lanzarote cycling tour
  • Lanzarote cycling tour

Less than 2 months for the Orihuela Miguel Hernández Triathlon, third round of the No Drafting Series circuit

It will also be the second scoring round for the Spanish Cup of Medium and Long Distance Triathlon  

The April 22 will be held in Orihuela the third circuit test No Drafting Series, a triathlon that was born to be a benchmark like its predecessor Elche. The organization, in charge of A300W, is a seal of quality and is committed to giving prominence to the triathlete one more year. “We want the triathlete to feel at home. We are going to keep the essence of sand in a totally different test ”explains its director, Ximo Rubert.

? 40 € Discount Triathlon Orihuela 113

Cruises, slides and the palm grove

An swimming in cruise format and a cycling with cOngoing slopes happened after passing through a small initial port give way to the race on foot, afast asphalt ircuito, with steps through the palm grove and the old town. Spectacular circuit

Two distances 113 and 70.0

Also within this day, this new test is born with a little brother, the Triathlon Orihuela MH 70.0 a test with the same characteristics as the one mentioned above but with more affordable distances where you will swim in the same circuit as in the 113, 60km in cycling line and a return to the walking circuit to complete the total 70km that make up this triathlon .

More information: http://www.nodraftingseries.com

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