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Less than a month for the Posadas Triathlon

The Posadas triathlon has two competitions, the Desafío Posadas de Media Distancia triathlon and the Califas de Hierro triathlon in sprint distance.

The Cordovan town of posadas will host for the thirtieth time one of the oldest and best known events of the national calendar and a reference in Andalusia, where this year made a change of dates, passing to celebrate the 22 of September.

The Posadas triathlon has two competitions, the Desafío Posadas Media Distancia triathlon, which is in its XNUMXth edition, and the Califas de Hierro sprint distance triathlon, which reaches its XNUMXth edition.

Video summary

El Challenge posadas will begin at 15: 30 in the town of Posadas (Córdoba) with the 1.900 meters of swimming at one turn in the dam of the Pantano de la Breña, in Almodóvar del Río.

Later the triathletes will cover 90 km de Cycling in a route . fast, divided into two parts, a first link between the T1 in the Pantano de la Breña to the town of posadas and the second, a circuit of four laps until completing the 90 km and arriving the T2 located in Posadas. Much of the segment runs along the river Guadalquivir.

Finally the 21km of running will be 4 turns to a circuit of 5,25 km crossing in each of them a large part of the town of posadas, where the audience is delivered to the participants, encouraging them at all times.

Parallel activities

Posadas Triathlon Activities Poster

The organization has also scheduled a series of activities parallel to the competition, which include an exhibition of old triathlon equipment and a Roundtable with Rubén Ruzafa and Maria Pujol.

Photo activities


Registrations will be closed on Tuesday 18 in September where the 3 in September will increase the price of registrations

More information: http://www.triatloncalifasdehierro.com/

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