Spanish aspirations for medals in Tokyo 2021

Of the eight triathletes summoned Mario Mola, Fernando Alarza and Miriam Casillas are already classified for the next Games.

Today a round table organized by the FETRI was held where the 8 best athletes in the Spanish Olympic ranking participated.

Live we have been able to see the triathletes Mario Mola, Miriam Casillas, Fernando Alarza, Anna GodoyJavier Gómez Noya, Sara Pérez Sala, Antonio Serrat y Carolina Routier with the president José Hidalgo and the technical director Inaki Arenal.

Mario Mola, Fernando Alarza and Miriam Casillas have a place in Tokyo

Of the eight triathletes summoned Mario Mola, Fernando Alarza and Miriam Casillas are already classified for the next Games.

The rest of the triathletes present were Javier Gómez Noya, Anna Godoy, Sara Pérez Sala and Carolina Routier. Together with them, the interventions before the media opened, the president of the Spanish Triathlon Federation, José Hidalgo, and the Technical director, Iñaki Arenal.

President Hidalgo highlighted the role of triathlon and our international triathletes as role models and good behavior before society in recent months, in addition to highlighting their results and commitment to our sport and the Federation.

For his part, technical director Iñaki Arenal analyzed the Olympic classification, the selection criteria, and the new situation with the suspension of competitions two months before the end of the Olympic classification process.

The declarations

José Hidalgo: “The Games are as important as the path to them”

Iñaki Arenal: “Three places for men and three for women are only guaranteed by one country, and three plus two, four national teams together with ours. Our presence in the mixed relay is assured and we are contenders for medals if we do well. The criteria for assigning the places are the same, the classification period continues and is endorsed by the IOC. In Spain we maintain the published criteria, the only change would come if there is a problem where those places assigned by criteria would be assigned by technical management”.

Next, the eight athletes who individually analyzed their Olympic cycle in Tokyo took the floor, before giving way to questions from journalists accredited to the event.

Miriam Casillas: “This cycle is different from the previous one and my goal was Tokyo, after surgery I returned to compete. In 2019 I focused my season. I am grateful that the Federation leaves the places obtained also for 2021 ”.

Mario Mola: "This Olympic cycle has been the best of all, my goal was the World Cup (it already has three World Cups and a Runner-up), and if everything goes well and the Olympic Games are held, I will take them with responsibility."

Anna Godoy: “My cycle has been to compete a lot and learn race by race. There is one year left to continue improving and see how we close this cycle”.

Fernando Alarza: “The goal was to get the place as soon as possible, avoiding what happened in Rio 2016 where I got it at the last minute and then I had stress. I was going to play the World Cup and be very well in July, but now it's time to try to take advantage of these weeks. The planning is in 2021 and not in what is left of this year ”.

Sara Perez Room: "This year the idea was to do a little better and I'm going little by little."

Javi Gómez Noya: “Because I have been in the Olympic distance for so many years, in 2018 I decided to dedicate myself to the Ironman and in 2019 I tried to qualify for the Games. In the first races I felt good and I'm trying to secure the classification and that I can go to the Olympic Games. which is my goal."

Carolina Routier: “I started the cycle with enthusiasm after not being able to finish the Rio 2016 Games, unfortunately I had an accident that deprived me of being able to compete, but I am happy to have had a good 2019 with the results. My goal is to compete at the highest level and I am grateful to be able to return to competition."

Antonio Serrat: “These Olympics are for learning”. What remains of the cycle I must continue learning and do better in the races.

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