20 & 2 Canal de Castilla is born, the first half distance of Cros Triathlon in Spain

Yesterday one of the tests called to become a benchmark of the national Triathlon Cross calendar was presented in Palencia.

It is the first test in the middle distance of Triathlon Cross in Spain. Its route runs along the North Branch of the Canal de Castilla.

Institutional support

The work of the last months to shape this project culminated with the presentation at the Palace of the Diputación de Palencia. The event was attended by the president of the Palencia Provincial Council, José María Hernández, accompanied by the president of the Provincial Tourism Board, Ana María Asenjo and the Sports Deputy, Carmen Fernández.

The institutional participation shows the support with which this Triathlon Cross arises. The test will be part of the promotional work carried out in recent years for the Canal de Castilla, the most important Civil Engineering work carried out in Spain between the XNUMXth and XNUMXth centuries.

A bet for success

The 20 & 2 Canal de Castilla becomes part of the medium distance test calendar in Spain. These types of races are currently a real success due to their follow-up and participation. It is expected to reach 300 participants in the first edition as well as the participation of some of the best national triathletes.

What makes this test special is that it is the first to launch the challenge of doing it in the Triathlon Cross modality. In this way, the incentive will be greater by providing an extra degree of hardness as well as the possibility of discovering hidden places in our geography.

The presentation continues today

On the occasion of the events to celebrate the 20th anniversary of BIKE magazine, the 20 & 2 Canal de Castilla will be presented today to the sports media before the eyes of the thousands of expected participants.


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