There will be no Collins Cup in 2023

The Professional Triathlete Organization (PTO) has confirmed what many suspected: there will be no Collins Cup not a fourth PTO Tour event in 2023.

La Collins Cup, which has been held in Slovakia for the last two years, has become one of the most important and innovative events in the world of triathlon.

The rumors are confirmed

However, this year it has been confirmed that there will be no edition of this test where the USA, Europe and Rest of the World teams compete.

The PTO has admitted that scheduling and logistical difficulties have been the main obstacles to the realization of these events.

In a statement, the organization explained: “Time and logistics did not allow us to deliver the event to the high standards we require, especially given the scale of our broadcast production.n ".

Despite the cancellation of the Collins Cup, the PTO has plans for other events in 2023.

The organization will focus on ensuring the PTO US Open in Milwaukee and the PTO Asian Open in Singapore.

The cancellation of the Collins Cup has an iMajor impact on the 2023 triathlon event calendar.

However, the PTO has ensured that its primary goal is to provide high quality events and that its focus is on events to be held in Milwaukee and Singapore.

Looking forward, the PTO has plans to expand its calendar in 2024 and 2025.

There are expected to be more than four events, and the schedule for these years will be finalized in October and announced later this year.

Milwaukee: a city full of charm

Host city for the PTO US Open, Milwaukee is known for its rich beer history and impressive architecture.

Visitors can explore the historic Third Ward, enjoy the natural beauty of Lake Michigan, or visit the Milwaukee Art Museum, famous for its modern architectural design.

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