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News in the regulatory bases of FETRI competitions

The Spanish Triathlon Federation has published the document of Competition Regulatory Bases for the 2023 season.

It includes extensions for the fair development of sport, improvements in benefit of clubs and triathletes FETRI and novelties such as the regulation of gravel bike competitions or the possibility of bike change in some team competitions in a new “Bike Stop”.

In attention to the care in the promotion of the Triathlon, a Guide for the Development of Competitions of a Popular Character is also generated.

The Regulatory Bases of Official Federated Competitions of State Scope 2023, which can be check in this link

Pregnancy will also have regulation

The regulation of the rights of female athletes in a situation of "pregnancy and lactation" is included for the first time, advancing in the field of equality.

The prizes of the Spanish Championships are increased

The athletes will also find benefits such as the increase in prizes in the individual Spanish Olympic Triathlon, Sprint and Duathlon championships, being the most relevant is the Olympic distance, where the economic endowment doubles from twelve thousand to 24.000 euros.

The third division is expanded

Supporting the development of federated clubs, in the Regulatory Bases of Competitions 2023 the Third Division is expanded of the Spanish Championships of Clubs of 25 to 30 teams, but with a maximum of 8 members instead of 10.

More prizes in the Spanish Cup and Triathlon Ranking of MD and LD

Likewise, the Spanish Cup of Triathlon of MD and LD is restructured to provide clubs with higher economic prices.

In the same way the Individual Ranking of Triathlon MD and LD is restructured, which includes the six tests of the Spanish Cup and the tests of the National Ranking of MD and LD, so that the scoring and participation system is more balanced.

25 teams in the Talent League

Facing the evolution of the National League of Triathlon Talent Clubs, reserved for athletes of the cadet, youth and junior category, and taking into account that it develops on already existing events, goes from having 15 to 25 teams in each of the divisions.

The aim is thus to facilitate the entry of teams into the Leagues, and thereby help clubs so that they can qualify for aid in their Autonomous Communities and Municipalities.

In addition, the Spanish Duathlon Championship in lower categories includes a new program to facilitate the participation of athletes and teams.

 Saturday's day will be dedicated to the cadet, youth and junior SuperSprint competitions, while Sunday's will feature the Mixed Talent Relay and the Junior Duathlon in Sprint distance.

The Spanish Gravel Triathlon Championship is regulated

In response to the demand of athletes and the evolution of the sport and the possible materials for the competition, the Spanish Triathlon Federation regulates for the first time the Spanish Gravel Triathlon Championship, that will be developed on this type of bicycles.

The new bike stop

Likewise, it is introduced as an innovative element only in certain competitions equipment, the “Bike Stop”, an area where athletes will be able to change not only the wheel, but it is possible to change the bicycle in case of a puncture or mechanical failure.

New Developer Guide for Popular Competitions

The Spanish Triathlon Federation also launches in 2023 the Guide for the Development of Popular Character Competitions, it can check here.

This guide defines aspects such as the minimum age for participation, eligibility conditions of the participants, general organizational conditions or what is related to classifications and prizes.

Criteria are also established for the fight against doping, general conduct, equipment, help and/or external collaboration, sanctions and claims and challenges.

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