Nudism comes to Indoor cycling: NUDI SPORT Clycing

Did you fall for our innocent? "It is a Skin that allows giving the avatar a fun and picaresque touch"

With a year marked by the pandemic with the consequent mobility restrictions, limitations in the practice of sport, in the hospitality industry, etc. has left as positive the greater practice of sport "INDOOR"

There is no doubt that el Indoor cycling and spinning has had a boom internationally, as the Strava Network has shown in its annual report with 73 million users.

You have to add the color of the skin, the hair, the amount of clothes you can wear, etc.

Avatar image that can be modified
zwift / Avatar image that can be modified

The image shows the avatar that can be modified, as seen it can be fully customized allowing the user to change the skin tone, clothing, face, hair and many more options.

The idea is that you can buy addons to this skin to allow more customization

How was the NUDI SPORT Clycing platform for NUDISTAS “indoor” cyclists born?

 Juan Martínez, an entrepreneur living on the island of Ibiza, has been the creator of this project.

Triathlon, cycling and nudism lover it has been the ideologue. Also, Juan was finisher in Kona in 2005 at GGEE and is a nudist practitioner on the island.

During the confinement, Juan took advantage of the time at home to train and in all the hours he was on the roller and an idea occurred to him. Why not unite all your passions, triathlon, cycling and nudism?

World Naked Bike Ride, Los Angeles
World Naked Bike Ride, Los Angeles

It is a Skin that works on the main virtual platforms

For this he created the virtual system called Nudi Sport Cycling, that allows the user to add a Skin to the cyclist on the main virtual cycling platforms

This Skin works as in any video game, allowing to improve the appearance of the user's avatar, but giving it a fun and picaresque touch showing a naked cyclist on the bike.

It should be noted that it is not seen in detail and they are blurred the most intimate parts of the athlete in the launch prototype.

It is a project in crownfunding and is “tester” to test it on the platforms to launch it in the first months of 2021.

The roller the most coveted accessory in times of confinement

During the months of confinement, the use of the roller and virtual cycling applications have been one of the most demanded, allowing thousands of athletes to enjoy cycling from their living room.

Proof of this is that stocks were quickly depleted in all the major online sales portals on the Internet.


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