BKOOL launches its new version

The new version of the cyclist training app includes a new route finder, the UCI World Tour 2020 team jerseys and much more information about your training  

BKOOL just released a new update of your simulator cyclist training, BKOOL Cycling, which includes several important improvements and new features.

First, it highlights a new Route finder with simpler and more intuitive navigation.

Now, we can enjoy new filters to further refine our search for cycling routes or even check the level of accumulated slope of the routes at a glance.

It certainly turns out much easier to find a different destination where to train every day, and it is that the catalog of real routes in video and 3D of BKOOL continues to grow daily thanks to the routes uploaded by its users.

More than 8 million routes in your App

Currently, it is possible to enjoy more than eight million different routes in the application. 

The update also includes a new alert system which alerts us when our smart trainer or any of our training devices suffers some kind of disconnection.

Thus, it is much easier to check that all the connections are correct before starting to pedal.

Screen becomes a true cycling team radio

But the main novelties are especially noticed when you start training. BKOOL has succeeded in turning your application screen into a true cycling team radio as far as the information is concerned.

Now, we enjoy much more data while we pedal, to refine our racing strategy or simply get more out of each session.

Addition name of our rivals or their watt / kilo ratio, We will be able to check what slope levels await us in the next meters to better manage our efforts.

Information is presented much more clearly, being able to see at a glance our position and that of our rivals within the profile of the route or the virtual velodrome.

Everything is displayed more cleanly, managing to offer us a feeling of total control  about everything that is happening in our training session.

And since we train like true professionals, why not dress like them?

The new BKOOL Cycling also puts at our disposal the UCI World Tour 2020 team kits.

Not only will we be able to ride on the same stages of the main races of the professional cycling calendar, but we will also be able to do so while defending the colors of our favorite squad.

The new jerseys are now available within the virtual dressing room, whose inventory system has also been improved to facilitate access to the new kits.

Un new BKOOL Cycling that comes more complete than ever, directing all its improvements to offer an optimized training experience, in which data plays a fundamental role.

There will be no excuse for not keeping fit during the winter.

To these novelties we must add a new Video Editor launched in recent days, so that users can upload our own video routes to the platform more easily.

In addition, from BKOOL they have announced that their applicationn BKOOL Fitness will also have a new version in the coming weeks, with new classes and a completely improved new interface. We will have to be vigilant!

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