• Lanzarote cycling tour
  • Lanzarote cycling tour

Get to know the new Challenge Salou cycling circuit

The next 27 in May will take place a new edition of Challenge Salou, test dean of the Circuit Challenge Family in Spain.

Five Spanish champions between medium and long distance have already confirmed their presence in the next Challenge Salou: Emilio Aguayo, Pablo Dapena, Sara Loehr, María Pujol y Dolça Ollé will contest "the triathlon of the champions" as we can also call the Challenge Salou given the great level of national and international elite triathletes that every year compete in the Catalan city. It is also confirmed the presence of Sofie Goos, Simona Krivankova, Fabien Amnestoyo Goerge Goodwin.

Discover the new circuits

Today we are going to explain in detail the new cycling circuit, so that participants, companions and fans in general can get to know him a little better.

New Challenge Salou cycling circuit

The test will start with the 1.900m of swimming in the Beach of the Pilons of Salou, with a rectangular circuit. In the Paseo de Jaime I will be located the transition area, where the triathletes will take their bikes to face the 90 km of cycling by three laps to a circuit of 30km.

In the Paseo de Jaime I will take the first pedals to take the Avenue of the Pincipado of Andorra to the roundabout of the Plaza de Europa (km1) where they will turn right to take the C-318 the Autovía de Tarragona to Salou and they will pedal until they arrive to the detour of the TV-3146 (km6) in the direction of Vilaseca on a round trip.

Before arriving at the A7 (km10) the triathletes will make a turn of 180 degrees to return by the same TV-3146 road until entering again the Motorway from Salou to Reus (km14) where they will face 3km until arriving at the port of Tarragona, where they will turn 180 degrees (km17) and they will return again by the C-318 to the Plaza de Europa (km23) where they will turn right along Pere Molas avenue and Joan Fuster avenue until they turn on Mercè street Rodoreda (km 25,5), next to the Escuela Internacional del Campo Foundation and will return to Salou again by Joan Fuester, Pere Molas and Principality of Andorra until entering the Jaime Primero promenade (km 30).

To this circuit the triathletes will give three laps until covering the 90km of the cycling sector. The refreshment points will be located at km10, 40 and 70.

Finally the competition will end with the 21 km of the half marathon, where the triathletes will do all the Travel parallel to the Mediterranean Sea.

More information: http://www.challengesalou.com

Photos: Facebook Challenge Salou

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