SIGMA presents its new logo

SIGMA presents itself with a new look at the beginning of this cycling season.

Leading Electronic Bicycle Accessories Brand Introduces New SIGMA Logo

From now on, the brand will shine in a new light, with a fresh design that enhances its image.

«The new logo makes explicit the evolution of our brand, SIGMA », explains its Managing Director Thomas Seifert. “We are currently in the process of transforming the SIGMA brand. Our company now focuses more than ever on the bicycle universe. We were the pioneers of the digital cycling computer and the bike itself is the true core of our brand.

It is the most important component of the SIGMA DNA and it is what we are concentrating our efforts on. At the same time, we are targeting a younger, more international audience, and a fresh new logo is a
interesting way to do it«.

"ANDhe launch of the new logo is also the starting point for a whole series of actions aimed at strengthening our company to meet the needs of the future and actively support social change in the mobility.

In the coming weeks there will be more interesting news about SIGMA and our products «Says Robin Schendel, Manager

With SIGMA towards freedom

SIGMA presents its new logo ,img_605c7436579c4
SIGMA logo

The stylized mountain peak and the path displayed by the new logo symbolize the personal goals that cyclists want to achieve with the help of SIGMA products. The black and red colors are preserved from the previous logo.

They represent almost 40 years of passion for sports and technology, and the authenticity of the brand.

Green represents love for nature. Combined with each other, all the elements symbolize freedom
individual of each person.

«The bicycle gives us the freedom to live our life the way we want«Emphasizes Marketing Director Jennifer Leinenbach.

"YWhether in the busy environment of a city or immersed in the middle of nature between mountains, we help people to enjoy their little adventures more intensely and to achieve their daily goals, when they practice cycling.

SIGMA is the reliable companion that makes riders feel safe wherever the road or trail takes them. "

You can find more information and the logo to download in the press area of ​​the website of SIGMA

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