Mario Mola "The 2015 year is very important to be able to get and certify my Olympic qualification"

El Mallorquín has published on the Garmin blog his plan for this year 2015



My main goal every year is to try to improve the previous one, and not only to what results, but to be better triathlete, working my weaknesses and strengthening

Even so, as I have always done, I train with the ambition and dream of improving my World runner-up achieved in 2014; and is that nothing could be further from the reality, I did not imagine that in this same season I could improve the third position that I achieved two years ago. You win, dedication and work for trying to get it, of course they will not be missing.

In this way, my calendar will be focused on the World Series, where in the 2015 have increased the number of tests, with which a priori we can discard more results before the Grand finale that this year is disputed In Chicago

Although it may seem that the Olympics they are far away on the horizon, the truth is that in the triathlon panorama practically everyone looks askance at that day, and in our minds the day D hour H is present in some way Rio de Janeiro in August of the 2016.

As far as I'm concerned, in this year 2015 is also very important to be able to get and certify my Olympic qualification. That would allow me to focus on preparing the Olympic Games during the 2016 year in the best possible way, without having to think about the classification, how I had to live in the previous Olympic cycle in London.

In that sense, I am fully aware that the experience lived and accumulated in London 2012 is invaluable to me, and the appointment of Rio de Janeiro I raise it with the maximum aspirations, and with the illusion and determination to be in the fight for the medals.

With so much fabric to cut internationally, my participation in tests in national territory will be limited to the Garmin Barcelona Triathlon, that despite the date change, I will not lose it in any case. I think that this modification will make a better environment live than in previous years, when it was played at the end of the season and the body entered the reserve area.


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