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Another training by Lionel Sanders: 6.500 swimming meters + 10 roller series

This time, he doubles workouts with a swim session and another one of roller sets

The Canadian triathlete Lionel Sanders, he has already accustomed us to this type of training, in his Youtube channel he has published the session where he also tells us about his training sensations.

This time he has made 6.500 meters in the pool, with several blocks of series of 200 meters, this year Sanders is focused on improving swimming, where he aims to go out with the first group, because if he is with the best in the sector will have many more options to win the test.

The session did not end there, because after the water went to the roller to make 10 series of minutes 4 minutes of recovery reaching peaks of 420 watios.

We leave you the video of your training

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