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Pablo Dapena wins the Cape Town Challenge

This test was the last opportunity to score in the World Bonus Ranking of Challenge Family

Today the last-last test of the franchise this 2019 has been disputed in South Africa, with the dispute of the Cape Town ChallengeWhere Pablo Dapena He started as one of the favorites for victory.

This test was the last chance to score in the Ranking World Bonus from Challenge Family

Triathletes of the size of Tim Don, Steven Mckenna, Bradley Weiis (XTERRA 2020 World Champion) or Matt Trautman among others.

The test began at 8 AM, with the 1.900 meters of swimming where Pablo Dapena was the first to get out of the water with 1: 09 ahead of a group of 8 led by Steven McKenna and where Tim Don, Matt Trautman or Bradley Weiis were among others.

In the first kilometers of the cycling segment, the persecutors' group reached Dapena, in the PK 14 forming a group of 6 units with Tim Don, Trautman, Weiss, McKenna and Kyle Buckingham.

This group, remained united increasing the differences on the rest of the participants to arrive at the T2 with 3: 19 of advantage on the persecutors.

When passing the kilometer 3 of race, Pablo Dapena rolled along with McKenna, beating in 20 seconds to Trautman and 49 to Buckingham.

Dapena at kilometer 7 was already a solo leader with 18 seconds over the Australian and 49 over Trautman.

From here Dapena, little by little he was distancing McKenna to go through the kilometer 10 already with 37 of advantage.

Pablo continued to increase his advantage for the kilometer 17 and to have 1: 04 over McKenna.

Finally Pablo Dapena got the victory with a time of 3: 46: 48. The second classified has been Steven McKenna (3: 48: 14) and third Matt Trautman (3: 49: 44).

The times of Pablo Dapena

  • Swimming 1.900 meters: 24: 04 (mean of 1: 16 min / 100m)
  • T1: 1: 43
  • Biking 90 km: 2: 08: 21 (average of 42,03 km / h)
  • T2: 1: 18
  • Race on foot 21 km: 1: 11: 24 (3 average: 23 min / km)

Emma Pallant takes the women's test

In the women's event, the big favorite Emma Pallant He has fulfilled the predictions and achieved the victory in a time of 4: 14: 51.

The second classified has been Annah Watkinson (4: 21: 20) and third Laura Sidall (4: 24: 23)

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