Pablo Dapena second in Challenge Turku

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 Sebastian Kienle has won the race thanks to a great cycling sector climbing 3 minutes and taking more than 4 minutes in goal to Dapena 

Today the Finnish town of Turku was held in Challenge Turku where you had the presence of Sebastian Kienle , double Ironman 70.3 World Champion and Ironman World Champion and Pablo Dapena, World LD Champion this year. 

The race started at the 8 of the morning Spanish time with the 1.900 meters of swimming where Pablo Dapena was the fastest coming out with Daniel Bækkegård and Thomas Davis. To 1: 20 left Migue Ángel Fidalgo and more than 3 minutes did Sebastian Kienle

In the cycling sector, the leading trio stayed together while Sebastian Kienle cut time to catch up with them at kilometer 50 of the segment, to go solo and reach T2 with 4:18 of advantage over Dapena, Davis and Bækkegård who they entered together.

In the 21 km of foot race Sebastian Kienle He knew how to maintain his advantage obtained in the cycling segment to get the victory in the race with a time of 3: 38: 09; Pablo Dapena (3: 42: 20) was second and Daniel Bækkegård (3: 44: 41) occupied the third final position

The fight for the Challenge Family World Bonus 

Pablo Dapena arrived at the Finnish event as leader of the Challenge Family World Bonus (ranking created by Challenge that distributes 165.000 dollars in prizes and 30.000 to the winner and winner), thanks to their victories in Lisbon and Mogán and the second places in Rome, Salou and Prague.

For this, they score the six best results in several Challenge tests selected for this, in which there can be up to a maximum of 2 full distance tests, which score twice. Winning a half is 250 points while winning a full one is 500.

Dapena, confirmed a few days ago his intention to participate in the Challenge Madrid, where he will debut in the distance, to continue fighting for the Bonus, which forces him to participate in a Challenge LD.

Photo: @challengeprague

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