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Participate in the League of Clubs of Tritour has a prize

The circuit made up of 4 tests starts at Deltebre next April 13

This year, TriTour has created a league with the 4 triathlons with more participation in recent years in Catalonia, hosting all the tests more than 3.000 participants.

TriTour 2019 Calendar

  • deltebre 13-14 April
  • Amposta 1-2 June
  • Pont de Suert July 7
  • Tossa de Mar September 14

One of the main novelties this year is that they are encouraging the participation of cubes, and for this from the organization offer the following advantages:

1) 10% discount for each member of the club.

Clubs that formalize the registration of a minimum of 6 members at a time, regardless of distance, may enjoy an 10% discount for each participant.

 2) New League of Tritour Clubs.

Upon passing the goal 5 participants or more from a club in the different competitions that will take place on each competition day, each participant will score 10 points. The winning club on the day of the competition will be the one with the most finisher participants.

 3) Final classification of clubs with prizes.

 The scores of the clubs in each TriTour event will be accumulated to the general classification.

4) The award from ENINTER

The 3 clubs that have added the most points to the classification after the last round of the TriTour League, will have a prize from ENINTER, this delivery will take place at the closing party of the Tritour League that will take place on Saturday the 14th September after the last TriTour event in Tossa de Mar.

the prizes will be a credit for all TriTour 2020 registrations and the following prizes from the sponsors:

-A fortfait on the ski slopes Boí Taüll

-An online shopping voucher in the store SURAL

-A pack of nutrition FINISHER

5) It will also be scored for the individual general classification

 Although points are added for the club league, the athletes who participate individually in each event will also score in the General Classification of categories of the TriTour League and as a novelty this year 3 new categories have been added: Cadet, Junior, Sub23, Senior, Veterans 1, Veterans 2 y Veterans 3.

The first stop of the league is in the TriTour Deltebre the next 13 y 14 de abril, with the distances Sprint, Olympic, Short and Half.

More information: www.tritour.cat

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