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Posadas celebrates the 30 Anniversary of its triathlon with the participation of high level athletes

The next 22 of September in the afternoon will develop the two modalities of this test, the Caliphs of Iron and Calima Desafío Posadas.

El Posadas Triathlon by Zone 3 celebrates its 30º anniversary this year, a test belonging to the Andalusian Championship, which will hold its two modalities next September, 22. Sprint Iron Caliphs and Calima Challenge in Half distance.

Today it has been presented at the Diputación de Córdoba with the presence of Emilio Martínez, mayor of the town of Posadas; Martín Torralbo, Deputy of Youth and Sports of the Diputación de Córdoba; Pedro Serrano, delegate of the Andalusian Triathlon Federation in Córdoba; Rubén Ruzafa, 4 times champion of the world of triathlon cros; Dolores Ana Then, judge of the Andalusian Triathlon Federation and athlete.

Martín Torralbo, which has influenced "the relevance that tests like this have for the province of Córdoba, placing it in all a reference in the organization of quality events." Torralbo has indicated, in this sense, the "joint work of administrations, clubs and town halls" and has emphasized the "tourist and economic importance that this Triathlon has for the whole region".

For his part, the mayor of the town, Emilio Martínez, has insisted that "thanks to the involvement of the people of Posadas and institutional support this test, which began its journey in the year 89, has a remarkable quality, which is increasing over the years." Martinez has indicated that "we have changed its date of celebration, from August to September, and in the afternoon, so that the involvement of the people of Posadas is even greater and they can enjoy this event through its streets".

The delegate in Córdoba of the Andalusian Triathlon Federation, Pedro Serrano, has referred "to the level of athletes, we have a luxury poster, with athletes like Rubén Ruzafa, four times champion of the absolute world of cross triathlon; Gurutze Frades, Female Spain record in distance Ironman; and Ander Okamika, podium in the Spanish duathlon and middle distance triathlon championship. As for the Sprint category, they will compete, among others, Igor Bellido, champion of Spain cadet selected for the Olympic Youth Games; and Rocío Molas, champion of current Andalusia in Olympic distance and runner-up sprint distance.

For its part, Rubén Ruzafa It indicated: "I return to Posadas after the celebration of its championship of Spain in 2013 where I obtained the third position and I am wishing to run those 21km through the streets of Posadas with the light show, batucada and hoses that our organization has prepared for us".

Finally, the athlete Dolores Luengo, has underlined the "important work carried out by volunteers and their technicians in the organization of this Triathlon, one of the most spectacular I know, being very difficult to organize for 30 years a test of these characteristics".

As a prelude to the event, on Friday 21 there are a series of parallel activities planned, such as an exhibition of old bicycles at the Posadas Auditorium, and a series of talks and recognition at the Teatro Liceo Theater 'Manuel Rumí Cortés'.

The next day, 22 in September, the competition will begin, at 11 hours, with the delivery of numbers, and the output of the Sprint Caliphs of Iron and Calim Mean Distance tests will be at 16h45 and 15h30 respectively.

All information about the test are available on the event's official website: (link)

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