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The favorites of the Trivitoria cover the blue carpet

The favorites to victory have walked the blue carpet in the first of the multitudinous acts of the 2018 edition of trivitoria

The presentation ceremony of the main favorites for victory in the 2018 edition of the Vitoria-Gasteiz Triathlon, held in the heart of the city (Plaza España), brought together hundreds of citizens who filled the main grandstand, in addition to the main elite triathletes.

The Vitoria-Gasteiz Triathlon organization continues innovating and promoting new city events on the occasion of the Triathlon, and this edition 2018 has given a new sample of it. The city already breathes triathlon on all sides and athletes feel that warmth and special atmosphere like nowhere else. The first applause of the afternoon was precisely for the organization of the event, for its Bet on triathlon and its good work during all these years.

Blue carpet

All the triathletes have paraded through the blue carpet and have answered the presenter's questions. The first ones to do it have been those of medium distance and the first to speak has been the Mallorcan Miguel Ángel Fidalgo, who has assured that it is very good "the Vitoria-Gasteiz triathlon circuit is conducive to my characteristics has assured Fidalgo", second this year in the Zarautz triathlon.

After Fidalgo has taken the floor the main candidate for victory in distance half, Judith Corachan, winner of last year and second this year in Zarautz. Judith has made sure to be very fit "the training sessions have gone very well and I am setting good times. Also, it's a special race for me. It is difficult what you feel in Vitoria-Gasteiz, and proof of this is the presentation of today. "

Ruth Brito, the most applauded

One of the most applauded triathletes has been Ruth Brito, The Canarian woman living in Vitoria-Gasteiz has successfully managed a triathlon school in the city and was second in the 2017 edition of TriVitoria. "I have a spectacular memory of the last edition, and this year I will fight again to be among the best. I just want the best one to win, "Ruth assured.

Julia Mai, champion in 2017 in full distance, has been another of the most acclaimed. The German triathlete has made sure to be very comfortable in Vitoria-Gasteiz, "And relaxed before Sunday, where once again I will try to fight for the podium," said Julia.

Alejandro Santamaría, authentic ambassador of Triathlon Vitoria Gasteiz thanked the public of Vitoria and the organization like no other. "The pity is that TriVitoria is celebrated only once a year," he said.

Iván Álvarez, main favorite to victory in the full distance has also been happy. "The heat that is felt here, the presentation in the heart of the city, the applause from the eve ... Vitoria is special and I hope to be among the best this year". After the intervention of the Madrid, all athletes who have participated in the event have received a final applause from the public before the big day on Sunday.

Useful information
For the companions remember that from the organization buses have been arranged for the day of the test. All those interested can approach Landa by bus from 5: 45 in the morning from Luis Heinz Street (Colegio Marianistas).

Landa is one of the best places to see the swimming sector as well as cycling, and the last bus from Landa to the city center will go to the 12. Also, citizens and companions will have throughout the day on Sunday an information point in the Plaza de la Virgen Blanca.

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