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  • Lanzarote cycling tour

Gurutze Frades, Emilio Aguayo, Pablo Dapena and Anna Noguera for all in the Fyn Long Distance World Championship

Next Saturday will be held the reign of the World Multisport Championships organized by the ITU, the Long Distance World Championship, with four Spanish representatives

After the victory achieved yesterday by Rubén Ruzafawhere he proclaimed himself again Cross Triathlon World Champion for the fourth time in his sports career, on Saturday 14 day will be the turn for the "Triarmada LD", where Spain presents a "selection of champions", all of them have been one or several times champions of Spain, either Long or Medium distance.

The Mutideporte World Cup will be closed on Saturday with the World Long Distance Triathlon Championship, that is to be done just like last year with a 3.000m swim, 120km of cycling and 30 km of running.

LD World Championships


In the male category Pablo It's pitiful current champion of Spain LD and Emilio Aguayo current runner-up are the Spanish representatives. Both come in great shape to the World Cup, the Galician has achieved four podiums in Challenge Family events, highlighting the victories in the Challenge Mogán - Gran Canaria and Challenge Lisboa, while the Valencian few days ago he certified his classification for the of Ironman 70.3. In Fyn they are trained to fight with the best. He Italian taste Molinari, the dane Hogenhaug, the Belarusian Vasilevich and the Ukrainian Zymtsev they are the favorites to victory.

As regards the female category, Gurutze Friars y Anna Noguera They are the Spanish representatives. Both come in good shape, Guru sealed his qualification for the World Cup Hawaii Ironman a few weeks ago at the IM in Cairns and Noguera arrives as current champion of Spain MD and winner of Valencia 113. The test has a great level, with local Pedersen y Verterby as favorites along with the Chilean Barbara Riveros.

The test will start at 7:00 AM and can be followed live on the https://triathlonlive.tv/fyn website.  

Photo Pablo: www.thatcameraman.com / Photo Emilio: Volcano Triathlon Photo Gurutze: Maru González Espejo / Photo Anna: Facebook Foro Triathlon Iberoamericano

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