The World Series of Triathlon is back in Leeds

In the test there will be 5 Spaniards with Antonio Serrat at the head

This coming Saturday the second round of this year and fourth of the circuit of the Triathlon World Series in the British city of Leeds.

In the test where the first 7 will be ranking qualifiers with Léo Bergere, Antonio Serrat y Pierre Le Corre to the head.

In addition, the British must be taken into account Jonathan Brownlee y Alex Yee and Jelle Geens among others

In addition, the Spanish will be Roberto Sánchez y Genis Grau.

In the women's event there will be the first 5 classified in the Ranking with Georgia Taylor Brown, Flora Duffy y Taylor Knibb in first positions.

As for the Spanish representation, we will have Miriam Casillas y Anna Godoy.

In addition, on Sunday the mixed relay race, but the triathletes who will compete are not yet known.

Start list

Opening hours

The elite tests will be held on Saturday June 11 at the following times

  • Male test: 14:00, 15:00 Spanish time
  • Female test: 15:45, 16:45 in Spain

On Sunday the mixed relays will be played from 13:25 p.m., 14:25 p.m. Spanish time

Where to see it live?

The Leeds 2022 World Series can be followed live through triathlonlive

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