Next challenge of Josef Ajram: 'The Road of Death' in Bolivia.

64 Kilometers of ascent by a road about three meters wide

Josef Ajram is a multi-purpose man. As soon as he tells you about his sporting challenges as he sponsors a cosmetics brand or ends up talking about the economic situation of the country as a broker who is from the Barcelona Stock Exchange. Of all the facets that he brings together, the latter is the one that he considers the most dangerous. “There is a lot of tension in the markets and we hope this ends soon because it is a problem that affects everyone. The ultraman only affects me ».

This complete athlete is already planning his next big challenge that will take him to Bolivia to try to face the Highway of Death. «It is a challenge that I have in mind all my life. The road is well known because hundreds of truckers have died », he tells us at the event where he is the brand image for the Biotherm cosmetics company.

Ajram will carry out the challenge in the second half of October and for this, preparation is key if he does not want it to happen to him like a few weeks ago in the Canary Islands, where he had to say goodbye to the Red Bull 7 Islands challenge. «In that test there was a strong heat wave and it is also true that I accused having participated in the Titan Desert just a few days before. But I have learned my lesson and next year I will return to the Canary Islands to try again.

But first he will focus his energies on preparing the Bolivian objective. "It's a totally different challenge. I will have to go up a road about three meters wide and 64 kilometers long. The idea is to ascend by bicycle from 1.200 to 5.000 meters of altitude and then run down”, explains this 34-year-old Catalan.

Without a doubt, a dangerous challenge that will add to an extensive record where, as he himself says, there are no limits. "We will have to be careful because you go up and down with a vertical drop of 1.000 meters," he concludes.

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