Raúl Amatriain is crowned in the Aritzaleku test

The day began at 9 in the morning when the sprint distance triathlon started. The Alloz reservoir was the setting for the swimming sector and from here the favorites began to make a difference. The first to come out of the water was Victoria Juanicotena (Saltoki trikideak), followed by Nuria Rodríguez and Cristina Azanza. Later the boys would do it with Hektor Llanos leading from the beginning, followed by Loinaz and Okamina, both from Garraitz.

In the women's cycling sector, Rodríguez quickly took the head of the test and opened a gap that was definitive to win the test, and after a very good race on foot, she would be proclaimed the winner of the Aritzaleku Sprint Triathlon, followed by Cristina Azanza and Ainara Pacheco.

In the men's category, at the end of the cycling sector there was a group that would start the race on foot together, but as soon as this Hektor Llanos began, he launched an attack that allowed him to escape and win the Sprint Triathlon. He was accompanied on the podium by Gorka Bizkarra and Egoitz Zalakain.

At 14.15:XNUMX p.m. the ironman medium distance triathlon started. The women did it first and then the men. The first to get out of the water was Estefanía Gómez, followed by Eva Valero and Ana Monreal. Gómez from the water made a difference and was proclaimed champion since she did not leave the head of the test at any time; second was Eva Valero and third, Ameli Le Gal.

Mikel Saralegui was the first to get out of the water, followed by Dani Muñiz and Iker Rozas. Amatriain would lose a little more than a minute with the head of the race, time that he recovered and was increasing throughout the cycling sector.

The third part of the test left Raúl Amatriain as the winner of the 2012 Aritzaleku triathlon.


Men's Championship

1. Raul Amatriain

2. Benat Arnaiz

3 Iker Rozas

Women's Championship

1 Ana Monreal

2 Cintya Martinez

3 Erkuden Almagro

Middle Euskalherria Championship IM

1. Raul Amatriain

1 Ana Monreal

Sprint Distance

1 Hektor Llanos

1. Nuria Rodriguez

Source: noticiasdenavarra.com

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