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Online and solidarity challenge, MD and Olympic Triathlon Janda y Sierra with Bkool

Medical supplies will be donated to fight the coronavirus

Our friends BYON They have organized an online challenge, the same day that the test had to be held,

In this eI sell online, the participants will be able to compete online in the circuits of the Janda and Sierra Triathlon, known as the "Cádiz legbreaker".

When is the competition?

The competition will be next Saturday, April 4 and it will be possible to follow live through BYON social networks with Jonathan Roldán and platform Bkool from the 10: 00

What do i need to participate?

The challenge is to accompany Jonathan Roldán in completing the distance of the test, He will do it from his house and he will swim in a pool subject with rubber bands.

If in your case, you do not have material, you can do swimming with rubbers, cycling through Bkool and running on foot running through your house.

The important thing is to collaborate since you will surely have a great time accompanying him in the challenge. Jonathan tells us

We are with you Jonathan! 💪🏻💪🏻 This is how our friend prepares the swimming part for the MD of #JandaySierraDesdeCasa this Saturday. Body and mind are united in any self-respecting sporting event and the nutritional part is very important to face a triathlon. These are the tips he gives us as an athlete and director of NUTTU👇: "Due to confinement, logically routines change, schedules change and therefore I try to adapt to the situation. One of the most significant changes that I have incorporated and of great importance for any athlete is rest. Due to stress, the management of my company, the family, many times the hours of rest were not desired (and I am not only talking about quantity but also quality). I am currently doing something that I couldn't afford before, which is sleeping 8 hours a day. As for the diet, I have not incorporated any special changes. My eating routine has always been very careful and now what I do is keep doing it, even in more detail. I have very established routines that I try not to change, since they work, I like them and that is the important thing. An example of this is that I continue having the same breakfast, my coffee and my toast. In the middle of the morning I have my fruit, sometimes adding a few nuts or not. At lunch is where I try to vary more depending on the training. Some models of lunch that I make with carbohydrate load are: chickpea salad, quinoa, pasta, rice with vegetables. I alternate these models with models that are richer in protein and healthy fats such as scrambled vegetables, vegetables with salmon, vegetables with beef or chicken, but the basis of any meal is always my vegetable. The snack is where I like to change the most. I range from yogurt with oatmeal, fruit and nuts to oatmeal pancakes and fruit whites. You can see examples of many of these meals and snacks on my Nuttú networks, where I share many of the recipes I prepare with my followers daily. For dinner I am simpler and any sautéed vegetables and meat, vegetable cream, vegetable omelette, scrambled, mixed salad, etc. are worth it. always trying to make it a complete meal and rich in all the nutrients I need. "Remember, we are waiting for you this April 4 at 9:30 on YouTube and Facebook Live. Don't miss it! 🏊🏃🚴 -> 🏠https: // #triatlhon #triatlonofficial #triatlonsupersprint #triatloners #triatlonsprint #triatlontraining #triatlonestilodevida #triatlonista #triatlonoldelico #triatlonbike #swimming #runlon # # #competicion #deporte #sport # covid19 #JandaySierra #olimpico #mediadistancia #Half #QuedateEnCasa Ayto. San José del Valle (Official) #sanidad #coronavirusBYON

Posted by BYON on Wednesday, 1. April 2020

It is done for a solidary cause

Also ... It is for a solidarity cause! Since 500 masks and 500 gloves will be donated to fight the coronavirus

The distances


  • Swimming: 1.500 m. (09: 30h - 25 ′ approx.)
  • Bicycle: 40 km. (10:00 a.m. - 1:30 a.m. to 2:XNUMX p.m.)
  • Foot race: 10 km. (12: 00h - 1h approx.)
  • Foot race: Download Olympic track: (.kml) o (.kmz)
  • Bicycle: Download Olympic track


  • Swimming: 1.900 m. (09: 30h - 30 ′ approx.)
  • Bicycle: 85 km. (10:00 a.m. - 2:40 a.m. to 3:XNUMX p.m.)
  • Foot race: 21 km. (13: 00h - 1h - 50 ′ approx.)
  • Foot race Download track MD: (.kml) o (.kmz)
  • Bike Download track MD|

How do I sign up for Bkool?

  1. Register as a user here.
  2. Download the program and install it on your PC, tablet or mobile. > Download <
  3. Get in and sync your roller by following the steps.

The live test from 10:00

The only thing you have left is to join the live test, which will be available around * 10:00 a.m. * in the LIVE COMPETITIONS section of the platform

More information:


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