Richard Murray wins again after his heart operation

The South African triathlete Richard Murray He has returned to the top of the podium after having undergone heart surgery last year.

He has done it by winning the Sprint Triathlon Blue Lagoon Triathlon with a time of 1:00:49 where his wife Rachel Klamer finished second

Although he has not performed at a high level, he has put on a bib again and enjoys the triathlon

«Happy to be able to do what I like againMurray commented in a post on Instagram that also included some video of the race.


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A post shared by Richard Murray (@rd_murray)

Murray, fourth in Rio 2016, was diagnosed atrial fibrillation, a heart condition involving a fast, irregular heartbeat due to abnormal electrical impulses in the upper chambers of the heart.

In June 2021 he had to undergo surgery and although he was going to compete in the Tokyo relays, his team was finally unable to participate, so he did not compete all year.

Yesterday, Richard returned to compete with a victory and we hope that we will see him again at his great level in a short time.

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