Roger Serrano second in the Xterra Switzerland

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Roger Serrano got back on the podium, this time in Switzerland, where he achieved second place at the Xterra Switzerland held yesterday.

The Xterra Switzerland is the seventh round of the Xterra European Tour 2018 circuit

The victory for the second year in a row has been for the French  Arthur Forissier  followed by Roger Serrano and by Marcello Ugazio occupying the third position

In the female category the victory has been for Brigitta Poorfollowed by the British Nicole Yvette y Carina Wasle third.

Roger Serrano is signing a great season after having won the Xterra victory Malta y Cyprus

After this test, Roger feels like leader of the European Ranking followed by Frenchman Maxim Chane.

Photo: FAcebook Xterra Europe

There are no previous results.

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