Rubén Ruzafa looks for his fifth consecutive victory at Xterra France

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This test is one of the most demanding of the Xterra circuit

Rubén Ruzafa returns to the charge this Sunday 1 of July, displaced this time to galas lands, to dispute a very important Xterra of the season, so much for what it supposes at the level of points in the Xterra circuit, as for what it contributes to Rubén himself about the calendar as an athlete, physically and psychologically to continue with the objectives set for this year.

Xterra France it is configured as one of the most demanding circuits of the calendar, and this, added to the concentration of athletes who will compete this test, which includes some of the best Xterra triathletes in the world, will result in a complicated and disputed race. Rubén is the big favorite since he has won the victory 4 years in a row.

Rubén claims, once again, to be in some magnificent physical conditions, and that along with the technical conditions that this test tends to raise year after year, they make you hope once more to reach a good position at the end of the finish line. Searching insistently, as he is training and working this season, improve in the segments of swimming and running on foot to not get off the top positions in these tours, thus giving less dependence on the bike and the time of it. 

This year Rubén has very good feelings in each race he disputes where he has achieved two victories, the first in the Xterra del Rincon de la Victoria and another one in Xterra Portugal, this last one, a talismanic test for Rubén, in which he has achieved victory during 5 consecutive years.


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