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Rubén Ruzafa Fourth in the XTERRA World Championship 

The victory went to Arthur Serrières and Solenne Billouin

Today, the XTERRA World Cup 2023 in the city of Trentino, Italy, where the victory went to the Frenchman Arthur Serrières  

Among the favorites for the medals was the Spanish Rubén Ruzafa, several times world champion of the specialty. 

The test was held over a distance of 1,5 km of swimming, 32 km of mountain biking and 10 km of running. 

This type of Cros Triathlon is especially challenging and tests the endurance and technical skills of the athletes. 

The first to get out of the water was Michele Bonacina  closely followed by Jens Roth and by  Sam Osborne  

After the cycling segment Felix forissier arrived first at T2 followed by Arthur Serrières just 9 seconds apart. The Spanish Rubén Ruzafa was third, 29 seconds behind the leader. 

On the first lap of the foot race, Felix forissier maintained his lead by passing with 11 seconds of advantage over Arthur Serrières and with 1 minute advantage over Jens Emil Sloth   

in the lap Arthur Serrières took the lead and reached the finish line with a final time of 2:38:53. Felix forissier (2: 39: 21) came second followed by Jens Emil Sloth Nielsen (2: 41: 22) third. 

Rubén Ruzafa (2: 41: 47.) entered fourth position 2:53 behind the winner .

These are Rubén's statements at the finish line


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Top 10  closet

Job title Athlete Nationality Final time Difference
1 Arthur Serrières FRA 2:38:53 -
2 Felix forissier FRA 2:39:21 + 27s
3 Jens Emil Sloth Nielsen THE 2:41:22 + 2m 29s
4 Rubén Ruzafa Cueto ESP 2:41:47 + 2m 53s
5 Sullivan Middaugh USA 2:43:36 + 4m 42s
6 Lukas Kocar CZE 2:44:14 + 5m 21s
7 Michele Bonacina ITA 2:44:36 + 5m 42s
8 Theo Dupras FRA 2:46:46 + 7m 52s
9 Sebastian neef GER 2:47:00 + 8m 6s
10 Jules Dumas FRA 2:47:05 + 8m 12s

In the women's category, the French Solemn Billouin of the SCO ANGERS TRIATHLON team took the victory with an impressive time of 3:06:12.

He followed Alizée Paties, also from France, with a time of 3:08:10, almost two minutes behind the leader.

The third position went to Diede diederiks from the Netherlands, who completed the test in 3:10:49, more than four and a half minutes behind Billouin.

Top 10 Feminine

Job title Athlete Nationality Final time Difference
1 Solemn Billouin FRA 3:06:12 -
2 Alizée Paties FRA 3:08:10 + 1m 58s
3 Diede diederiks NED 3:10:49 + 4m 37s
4 Sandra Mairhofer ITA 3:12:20 + 6m 8s
5 Lesley Paterson GBR 3:13:44 + 7m 32s
6 Martha Menditto ITA 3:13:56 + 7m 44s
7 Loanne Duvoisin SUI 3:15:58 + 9m 45s
8 Maeve kennedy AUS 3:22:06 + 15m 53s
9 Anna Zehnder SUI 3:23:17 + 17m 5s

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