Rubén Ruzafa wins at the XTERRA Tahiti

The XTERRA World Tour 2023 has reached the end of the season with the test held on the island of Moorea, Tahiti.  

Rubén Ruzafa (ESP) y Solenne Billouin (FRA) They took the honors in the full distance of the XTERRA Tahiti. 

In the cycling phase, Ruben launched a decisive attack that changed the dynamics of the race, reached T2 alone and maintained his lead to take the victory followed by Jens Emil Sloth Nielsen (DNK) y Arthur Forissier (FRA). 

Top 10 Men

Position Athlete Nationality Time
1 Rubén Ruzafa ESP 2:40:39
2 Jens Emil Sloth Nielsen DNK 2:46:13
3 Arthur Forissier FRA 2:51:05
4 Thomas Lubin PYF 2:55:15
5 Teva Poulain PYF 2:55:55
6 Jean Marc Rimuad PYF 3:03:46
7 Ludovic Chastang PYF 3:16:55
8 Pierre Marion PYF 3:20:30
9 Yoann Hotellier PYF 3:21:53
10 Arthur Serrières FRA 3:23:22

In the female category the victory was for Solenne Billouin, followed by Clémence Dède and by Oceane Maindron third. 

Top 10 Feminine

Position Athlete Nationality Time
1 Solemn Billouin FRA 3:11:24
2 Clemence Dede PYF 3:46:55
3 Oceane Maindron PYF 4:13:40
4 Marine Busin FRA 4:17:42
5 Eugénie Maillard PYF 4:21:37
6 Ra i Maeva Raapoto PYF 4:27:46
7 Valerie Connan PYF 4:31:51
8 Tekau Hapairai PYF 4:42:36
9 Christel Le Creach Monnier PYF 4:42:38
10 Lucie Rabreaud PYF 4:42:42

Season closing

With the 2023 XTERRA World Tour coming to a close, athletes and fans are already setting their sights on the upcoming season. The level of competition has been exceptionally high this year, and everything indicates that 2024 will be even more exciting.

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