Rubén Ruzafa revalidates in Hawaii the XTERRA world title and gets his third world cup

Enter the story by getting in the same year the two most important cross triathlon triumphs in the international calendar



Rubén Ruzafa has achieved for the third time the XTERRA world title in a perfect season where he has got ten victories in the ten tests who has played in the international circuit. The athlete settled in the Rincón de la Victoria.


Rubén was the first triathlete in history to achieve the two most important international cross triathlon world championships in the same year: the XTERRA world championship and the International Triathlon Federation (ITU) world championship.


Ruzafa has set one of his best performances in the swimming section, its weakest segment. In the first 750 meters he barely lost ten seconds with the head of the race and, in the 1.500, the difference against the leader, the Costa Rican Leonardo Chacón, was less than one minute. This has allowed him to face the transition calmly.

On the mountain bike tour, its strongest sector, managed to put itself at the head of the race at kilometer ten. From there, his advantage gradually increased until he reached two and a half minutes in the T2. Finally, the Spaniard has entered the finish line with a time of 2h29'57 '', which reduces his mark of last year in almost five minutes. They have accompanied him on the podium Josiah Middaugh y Ben Allen. "We got it!", Celebrated in goal.


"Very happy with the result. This morning I was very calm and very concentrated. I was surprised by the swim because I came to 50 seconds from the head, something unheard of. I knew that the race started well, I took the first ones on the 10 kilometer and from there I have already picked up my pace, I have not spent too much. I tried to take in the places where I could without taking many risks "

"I have arrived at the T2 with about two and a half minutes. I knew I had to keep pushing hard. Although I had already spent a lot, I tried to keep up. As always, until I arrived at the beach I did not know how to win. Arriving at the goal super happy because we have finished a great year. It has been a very hard and very constant work "


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