Saleta Castro will compete in the Ironman 70.3 Cascais-Portugal in search of his first points for Hawaii 2018

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El Ironman 70.3 Cascais the next 3 will be played in September and the Galician triathlon will fight for the victory in a season where she has made podium in all the MD tests she has played

During the first part of the year the triathlete of the Itzu Tri-team, Saleta Castro, He has made a podium in all the mid-distance triathlons he has played (Oceanlava Tenerife, Orihuela MH and Zarautz). In his great goal of this first part of the season was 5ª at the Santa Ironman Lanzarote Club where a sting in the cycling sector prevented him from fighting for the podium.

How are you after this first block of the season and a brief summary of how your feelings have been in these first races of the year?

My first goal of the season was the Lanzarote Ironman, it was a race that I prepared with great enthusiasm training at the Club La Santa and I would have liked to be on the podium again but a series of misfortunes meant that the marathon was not 100% centered and I had to settle one more year with the 5ª position.

I was a little disappointed with this result, but taking the positive I found myself better than ever in the cycling segment which is what we are looking for this year, to get better in this sector. In preparation for Lanzarote I ran Oceanlava Tenerife y Orihuela Triathlon, I felt good in both, but not 100% since they were in very busy weeks, but I still ended up in 2ª position in both races.

After Ironman Lanzarote I rested 3 weeks, but they were active rest because I wanted to run a 21km trail in Tenerife, the Galician distance Olympic championship without drafting, Zarautz Triathlon and League of clubs. I wanted to disconnect and do tests for fun, without pressure and running in Spain. In Zarautz I did third, the Galician championship I won and the trail also so I have reason to be happy and motivated to start working seriously my second part of the season.

Saleta Castro in foot race

What competition are you preparing today?

Right now we are starting with the preparation for the Ironman of Maastricht. Proof that makes me especially excited since there last year I finished second with 9:51 and the best partial time in the marathon with 3:04 ', in addition to being the test that gave me the pass for the Hawaii ironman 2016.

After Maastrich, you have decided to compete in the 70.3 of Cascais to start your way to Kona 2018. Why did you choose this competition?

My other option was the 70.3 in Lanzarote where 2015 did 3ª but this year I spent a lot of time on the island and I need a small change. I found out about the Cascais test by means of a good friend and by proximity since Cascais is less than 1h by plane from my house or that you can even go by car and I was attracted to the idea of ​​running in Portugal.

Have you previously competed in Portugal? What do you remember?

First I was in concentration when I was junior near Portugal. The Spanish federation made exchanges with the Portuguese federation and when we were preparing a European Junior we were thinking that 10 days there. Then I raced in Estoril my first European Cup and 2 times in the Quarteira European Cup.

Then also the Galician federation together with the Portuguese make the triathlon cross Amizade (triathlon of friendship) and has particularity that is done at the border of Galicia with Portugal and as we are divided by the Rio Miño each year it ends in a place, in the Portuguese part or in the Galician.

The memory I have of running in Portugal is very good, they have a lot of sports culture and in the tests in which I participated the organization was spectacular and the deal with the athlete was the same.

Do you know the city of Cascais?

I do not know the city of Cascais but if I have many friends that were there or for example here it is very typical to take the car and go down to Lisbon all along the Portuguese coast and everyone speaks marvels of the beaches, the food, the people ... and for photos I can only say that the site calls to be visited.

Saleta Castro at the Ironman Lanzarote

Do you know the circuits? How will you face the competition?

As I mentioned my goal now focuses on the IM of Maastricht and with the end of the 2017 season since from the 7 in August the view will be set to return to Hawaii in 2018 and the first test will be the 70.3 of Cascais where I hope to get very strong and that I get the best possible race.

As for the circuits, I have looked at something but I like to go step by step and when the time comes to focus on the 70.3 of Cascais I will look at everything.

In the 70.3 of Cascais there will be many Spaniards on the starting list ... Can you give them a recommendation or a little advice on how to face the competition?

As for how to face the test I can not give any advice as it will be my first time in Cascais but I like to impress people who will make their first half Ironman who enjoy it and who hydrate and eat well.

See you at the 70.3 of CASCAIS :)

Thank you very much Saleta, we wish you the best in the IM Maastricht and in the 70.3 of Cascais

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