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Sara Guerrero and Carlos Oliver bronze in the Alhandra Mediterranean Championships

5 Spaniards finished in the Top 10 of the test

Yesterday the women's and men's C events were held in the Portuguese town of AlhandraMediterranean ampeonates of the ETU.

The test that was disputed on sprint distance, had the presence of Spanish 35, 22 male and 13 female triathletes.

The best result for ours was in the women's event, where Sara Guerrero got a great fourth position.

The victory was for the Portuguese Melanie Santos with a time of 58:04 followed by his compatriot Gabriela Ribeiro (58: 27) and by the Belgian Jolien Vermeylen (58:32) Sara was fourth with a time of 58:32 and third in the championship

Two more Spanish women entered the Top 10. Cecilia Santamaria  seventh and Marta Pintanel eighth.

Female classification

Post Name Last Name Country Time
1 Melanie Santos BY 00:58:04
2 Gabriela Brook BY 00:58:27
3 Jolien Vermeylen BEL 00:58:32
4 Sara Manso Warrior ESP 00:58:52
5 Helena Oak BY 00:59:00
6 Edge Vilaca BY 00:59:25
7 Cecilia Santamaria Surroca ESP 00:59:30
8 Marta Pintanel Raymundo ESP 00:59:44
9 Maria Take BY 01:00:00
10 Madalena amaral Almeida BY 01:00:07
14 Helena Moragas Molina ESP 01:00:25
19 Natalia Hidalgo Martinez ESP 01:01:11
20 Camila Alonso Aradas ESP 01:01:36
24 Laura Duran Morote ESP 01:02:28
28 Laura Rodriguez Salinas ESP 01:06:20

In the men's event, the best Spanish was Carlos Oliver which finished in fifth position.

The victory was for the Portuguese Basque Villaca with a time of 51:09 followed by the Belgian Christophe De Keyser (51:28) and by Portuguese Ricardo Batista (51: 55).

Carlos Oliver was fifth with 52:11 and a bronze medal in the championship and Kevin Tarek 10º.

Carlos Oliver bronze in the ETU Mediterranean Championship
Carlos Oliver bronze in the ETU Mediterranean Championship

Male classification

Post Name Last Name Country Time
1 Vasco Vilaca BY 00:51:09
2 Christophe By Keyser BEL 00:51:28
3 Ricardo Batiste Polka Dots BY 00:51:55
4 Jamie Riddle RSA 00:52:02
5 Carlos Oliver Vives ESP 00:52:11
6 Alexandre Noble BY 00:52:12
7 Rafael Sundays BY 00:52:14
8 Mika Noodt GER 00:52:15
9 James Fonseca BY 00:52:19
10 Kevin Tarek Vinuela Gonzalez ESP 00:52:20
19 David Castro Fajardo ESP 00:52:48
33 James Rodado Gonzalez ESP 00:53:43
38 David Tenorio doors ESP 00:54:34
43 Adrian Martinez Bayan ESP 00:55:15
52 Nicholas Heir Carazo ESP 00:57:02
55 Nicolas Alderman Serrano ESP 00:59:56
56 Andrew Cendan Llorens ESP 01:00:12

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