Sara Guerrero and Cesc Godoy win the TriShark de Narón, second and last qualifier for the national Sprint Triathlon

Sara Guerrero (Náutico de Narón) and Cesc Godoy (Saltoki Trikideak) won the second and final qualifier for the Spanish Sprint Distance Triathlon Championship, held at the TriShark of Naron.

The local triathlete Sara Guerrero prevailed with a time of 1:04:58 over Marta Cabello, from Diablillos de Rivas, entering a little over a minute behind the winner and with a little over twenty seconds over Marina Muñoz, from the Soriano Triathlon . Clarua Aulinas and Pilar García completed the first five places.

Cesc Godoy achieved victory in the men's elite category with a time of 57:06 and just thirteen seconds ahead of his teammate in Saltoki Trikidak, Julen Andueza, who won the silver medal in the sprint with Pau Noguera, from Alusigma Peñota Dental Portugaletekoa.

Eloy Canales and Iván Puentes were fourth and fifth respectively.

Rankings are available here!.

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