The first popular race in Spain is held with 1.500 participants

In addition, a five and a half months pregnant finishes 8th in the test

The town of Canovelles (Barcelona) yesterday again hosted a popular athletics race., The Taste of the Mitja.

1.500 brokers They gathered in this 10K that has become the test with the most participation since the Covid-19 pandemic began.

The competition featured a strong security protocol where they had separate exits with 7 drawers separated by 1,5 meters and using the mask both at the start and at the finish.

The test has had 1.500 runners, but in three weeks, the Mitja de Granollers expects to have 4.000 at the start.

As for sports, the victory went to AYad LamdassenLikina Amebaw 

A five and a half month pregnant finishes 8th in the test

María Velázquez, 5 and a half months pregnant, achieved 8th place overall in the test with a time of 36:32.

It was very good for me to participate. I don't know if there will be more races coming up and if I will have the opportunity to race in my state. I have been careful especially at the beginning so that they did not give any time. I really liked the security measures. Everyone has respected them. The safety distance, the masks ... »

Source: Super sport

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