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Sebastian Kienle and Sara Pérez win the Zarautz Triathlon

Today, Saturday June 10, the 35th edition of the Triathlon of Zarautz with a good number of professionals where they stood out Eneko Llanos, Sebastian Kienle or Sara Pérez among other renowned triathletes.

The test has not disappointed and has been held over distances of 2,9 kilometers of swimming between Getaria and Zarautz, 80 kilometers of cycling and 20 kilometers of running through the city of Zarautz.

In the men's category, victory has been for Sebastian Kienle y Sara Pérez.

The first to get off the bike was Pello Osoro together with Sebastian Kienle with a 2:17 advantage over Viñuela and Alfaro.

In the foot race, Kienle left alone to finally reach the finish line with a time of 3:49:40 followed by Viñuela at 4:34 and Osoro at 5:10. Eneko Llanos was fifth, more than 11 minutes behind the winner.

In the women's category, the first to get off the bike was Sara Pérez with an advantage of more than 8 minutes over Alberdi and almost 12 over Noguera.

In the foot race, Alberdi was gaining time, but was unable to reach Sara who took the victory with a time of 4:22:42 followed by Helene Alberdi at 2:17 and by Anna Noguera to 4: 17.

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