Second 2013 ITU World Science and Triathlon Conference

The ITU announced the second ITU World Triathlon and Science Conference, to be organized by the Swiss Federal Institute of Sports Magglingen in February 2013

The ITU has always been interested in promoting the development of triathlon, and with this ideal the first conference was held at the University of Alicante, Spain, in 2011 which was a success.

Some of the world's best triathlon coaches and managers joined prominent academics and sports scientists. In this way, the latest in sports scientific research was combined with practical experience, which translated into supporting information for all those who are involved in the world of triathlon.

While in Alicante topics such as the physiological requirements of triathlon, anti-doping, the quantification of triathlon training, the difference between the Olympic distance and sprint events, the details of the swimming and jogging segments, training for long distance triathlons, and at altitude; the theme of the 2013 conference is 'Let's reflect on the past - let's design the future ' and will use the London 2012 and Rio 2016 Games as benchmarks for science in the development of sport.

More information on http://science.triathlon.org/

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