Second Edition of the Triathlon magazine

The spectacular sales success of "Triathlon" has meant that just a week after it was released on the kiosk, it was redistributed to bring more copies to the many outlets that had sold it out.

Nothing less than with 164 pages The new magazine "Triatlón" arrives at the newsstands. If your passion is this sport, you will finally have the magazine that fills you up. This first issue introduces us to a bunch of interesting articles starting with two that come with a deluxe contributor: Eneko Llanos, 2nd of Hawaii Ironman, tells you how you should train with a heart rate monitor to improve in triathlonJavi Gómez Noya gives you his abdominal exercises to avoid injuries and gain strength in the 3 sports.


In addition, we tell you how to customize your bike, the best supplements for triathletesComplete calendar with more than 200 tests to choose where to compete, we go to Hawaii to interview Chris Lieto (the fastest on the bike in the last Ironman), we teach you How to improve your performance thanks to Pilates and much, much more (for example, we will tell you how Marcel Zamora started in the triathlon).

Sports equipment tests are also key in Triathlon. We test the best-selling wetsuits of the main brands, we tested 4 aerodynamic bikes (from 1.500 euros), we tested a lot of running shoes to help choose the one that suits you best, we tested the lightest bike helmets, we tested non-stop! In addition, a lot of practical advice on swimming (with the signature of the great Maribel Blanco), cycling, running ...

gift with number 1, a training guide with plans to compete in sprint, Olympic and half Ironman distance, as well as tricks to improve your swimming, cycling and running technique.

If when it came out on March 16 you were caught by surprise, swim, pedal or run to your kiosk today to take advantage of this second chance.

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