Sierra Nevada Triathlon delays its premiere at the 24 of July

The organization of the event has sent us the following statement:

Due to the return to scene of the cyclist tour, Sierra Nevada Limit. Both tests were scheduled for the same weekend, Saturday 9 and Sunday 10 July. We think that they are two sporting events with a certain synergy, which can be taken "very well", if they are separated a minimum in time. The first one can be a good training session and serves as a reconnaissance of the terrain, (climbs the same passes) for our Triathlon.

We hope the change is to your liking and those 2 weeks of delay will help you to refine a little more.



On the other hand, tell you that in the "tours" section you can find a sub-page with the info of the short Tri separately. We only have to hang the circuit of the race on foot. We are working on it together with Sierra Nevada (Cetursa) and the environment, we hope to have it ready by the end of the week.

We advance you, that in this first edition we will not reach the top of Veleta, but we will pass next to Telescope. Another mythical point of the Sierra.

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