Simon Cochrane breaks the Hawaii Ultraman Record

Amy Robitaille takes the victory in women and 2 girls on the Podium of the general classification

Our collaborator on Ultradistance issues, Marcos Bonilla, tells us how one of the toughest races in the world went, the Ultraman from Hawaii.


Another magical UM of Hawaii has ended, leaving for posterity the new record de Simon Cochrane, and adding one more page to Hawaii's UM history, and there are already 37.

Before analyzing everything that happened; times and others (above all; objective data, which is what each of us can base an opinion on) make a short introduction to this entertaining 2023 World Championship:

Only 15 triathletes finished the test

Already in the first stage; 8 did not pass the cut-off time (that already tells us how hard the 1st day was, both in the swimming and in the cycling part).

2 women among the first 3 of the General, and 3 among the first 6...

Draw your own conclusions, although yes; For me it is the product of a compendium between the low level of triathletes this year (it is obvious with the 5 hours difference between 1st and 2nd), and the high level of female triathletes.

And, of course, the most positive thing this year; Simon's record in the total time of Ultraman, which everyone expected and which is what has given him some “life”, since; the fact of seeing if he managed to break the record or not; It is what has given excitement to the men's competition part, and more, after Jordan Bryden finally did not appear in Hawaii, the World Champion in 2019 who we believed would be the only one who could closely follow Simon of those who They were presented this year.

“Let's go to trouble”

Let's analyze the stages and times, especially breaking down that new record. As usual; I start in chronological order from the first stage, but this year and, given that the girls have been "tight" to the boys in the classification... I will analyze it in parallel in the stages and sectors:

To begin with, this year I will avoid summarizing who has been the best in each of the stages and sectors of the stages, since the best times and the leader in all the stages from start to finish has been Simon, and as we have already said ; Jordan's absence has meant that he did not even have to overtake anyone from the start of the water, as would probably have happened if Jordan Bryden had participated because of how good he is at swimming.

In the female category, although without a record, the same would happen with Amy Robitaille; She would not get off the first place and so much so; She said that she would be champion and 2nd overall ahead of the rest of the boys. Let's start:


-It didn't even help Canadian Barry Berg to beat the 10K swimming time he won with 2 hours 46' last year to be ahead of Simon...

He did 2 hours 42', but Simon swam 4' faster, and it was only the prelude to what would happen in the three stages; leadership of the champion in the 3 stages from start to finish, and practically competing against himself and against the clock, the only rival who posed to beat that record that remains for history:

(To facilitate monitoring, comparison of times, and evolution of positions; I will always refer to the general position, and I will analyze boys and girls separately, so that both the general position and the categories are clearly seen):


1st-Simon Cochrane: 2H38´ – 4H36´ (Exceeding the 4H38´ that Richard Thompson did last year) Total: 7H15´22”

2nd-Barry Berg: 2H42´ – 5H46´ Total: 8H28´24” (Going 2nd, in the 2nd stage I would abandon the test).

5thAndrew Mally: 3H29´ 6H03´ Total: 9H32´ (And this is where a large gap of more than two hours opens up with the first male pursuer in the classification).

6th-Zachery Powell: 3H19´ – 6H54´ Total: 10H13´ (The youngest athlete with the third best swimming time who, from this moment on, would go down positions).


3rd-Amy Robitaille: 3H41´ – 5H 41´ Total: 9H23´ (From here on she would not get out of first place in the female category, and from the 2nd stage she would always be more than an hour ahead of her immediate pursuer, so she would also lead the test overwhelmingly and until the end).

4th-Andree-Anne Girard: 3H27´ – 6H01´ Total: 9H29´ (The best of the girls in swimming. She stayed ahead of Amy as long as she could on the bike, and finished the stage 6´ behind her, from that point on she would surely know that she was already She would have to dedicate herself to securing that second place, although what she wouldn't know is that she would get more out of the third place than Amy being first would get out of her).

9th-Mary Latza: 4H14´ – 6H43´ Total: 10H57´ (This triathlete would close what would be the final female podium, already sentenced in the 1st stage and, as happened to Andree-Anne, having a big difference both in front and behind).

11º-Vanuza Maciel: 4H00´ – 7H08´ Total: 11H09´ (Although she had her sights set on 3rd place, the Brazilian began a fierce fight for fourth place with Anja Hooton, leaving the dream of the podium in Hawaii to fade from the 2nd stage onwards).

Anja Hooton: With a Total of 11H45', barely passing the cut-off time (12 hours), she would finish last with a 16th place which would allow her to fight, as we have said, for the 4th female place.

A tough 1st stage ended with 7 triathletes without finishing, and with two leaders consolidated from minute one, but...

Although the typical “natural selection” that is made throughout a competition; It was already done; There was still a show to see, let's move on to the second stage.

BIKE SECTOR 280K of the 2nd STAGE

“Long” stage of the UM, with almost the entire general classification decided, all eyes were on Simon to see if he broke the record, and Amy to see if she could be 2nd ahead of the boys.

On the other hand, there was a slight fear on the part of the organizers, who would surely be praying that all the triathletes finish a 280 km stage in which they usually go through all possible climates and anything can happen... After 7 triathletes disappeared from the general classification in the 1st stage.

Anyway, we didn't have the usual excitement of seeing who overtakes who to be champion, but we did have the chance to see a new record with Simon, and check if the girls; Amy and Andree-Anne; They were strong enough to finish ahead of the men.


1st-Simon Cochrane: 7H32´ (Exceeding Richard Thompson's 7H35´ from last year, managing to gain more than 3 hours in the general classification over Andrew, his immediate pursuer, and, pay attention to the data; with a fall included! The consequences did not go beyond a graze on the lateral part of the gluteus and the side of the “scuffed” shoe, but… the shock of that moment when one goes first and is about to be world champion… It had to be tremendous).

4th-Andrew Mally: 9H35´ (Already seeing himself overcome by the whirlwinds of the first two girls, he would have no choice but to fight with the emerging Fernando López who would go from less to more in the UM, taking place between them a “give and take” to compete for the 2nd and 3rd place for men).

5º-Fernando López: 9H19´ (The Uruguayan would rise through the ranks little by little and with a progressive evolution in the cycling sector, placing 2nd best among the boys, and being 4´ behind Andrew in the general standings).

6th-Zachery Powell: 10H32' (Zach would fall in positions and already in the 3rd stage he would not even appear in the first positions, yes; no one would take the title of youngest triathlete from him by managing to finish the test).


2º- Amy robitaille: 8H38'. (Great time, but more than half an hour from the 8H02' that Dede Grisbauer set last year. She would continue to maintain a great advantage with the 2nd girl, and what has more merit; moving to 2nd place in the General, overtaking to Andrew).

3rd- Andree-Anne Girard: 9H06´ (Another triathlete who surpasses the boys and places herself on the podium of the general classification, something impressive despite the very low level there was this year)

8th- Mary Latza: 10H32' (Taking 6' longer than Anja Hooton, she continued to maintain 3rd place for women, something she would maintain until the end with a great effort).

11th-Anja Hooton: 10H26´ (She managed to overtake Vanuza, without knowing if in the 3rd stage she would be able to avoid being overtaken by the Brazilian, the fatigue of the 2nd stage always takes its toll).

>84'4K of the race sector of the 3rd STAGE

And finally we reach my favorite stage; that of the “double marathon” with Simon and Amy as unattainable leaders, and attentive: 2 GIRLS AMONG THE FIRST 3 OF THE GENERAL!!!

With only 15 “living” participants, there was one question hanging over Big Island: Will Simon be able to beat Hawaii's record and go under 21 hours?

It's true, that we practically already knew who was going to win, and that it was only necessary to decide who is 2nd and 3rd in the boys, and 4th and 5th in the girls, and who is going to finish the UM, which is no small thing...

But... We already know that this is very hard and in the last stage anything can happen. Pay attention to the contrast of the time of the 3rd stage with the total time of the general classification:


1st-Simon Cochrane: 6H09´ – 20H57´46”: YES! The miracle happened and he was able to make it happen. He arrived, ran and broke the record. It was not Canada, nor was it the almost flat route (with small "seesaws") of Australia...

It was the tough circuit from Hawaii to Kona, and doing 6H09' is an effort worthy of special mention. Let's record that time of 20H57' well, because, honestly, I think it will take a long time to overcome.

The route of this UM changed “somewhat” after the 2018 eruption and it is also something that must be taken into account all these years.

We also know that inclement weather is different every year, we can take into account a thousand variables each year, but the fact is that today we have a new record, and a brand new World Champion who we hope will return next year to try to defend his title.

4º-Fernando López: 7H36´ – 27H24´. The Uruguayan rose to second place in the double marathon and in the general classification; Yes, 2nd to 6 and a half hours from the first boy; Simon.

Very good 3rd stage taking advantage, as I predicted could happen, of the opportunity that other years I would not have had with that weather, and that is, this year; Only 3 people have been able to go under 8 hours in the double marathon, or even worse; only 4 dropped below 9 hours. (Data to reflect on).

5th Andrew Mally: 10H17´ – 29H25´. Another curious fact to take into account, placing 7th in the 3rd stage with more than 10 hours; He manages to place 3rd among the boys.

Finally surpassed by Fernando, he managed to stay among the top 3 guys throughout Ultraman. That's where it is.

Without a doubt, the race was his weak point, losing more than 3 hours running compared to the next one. Of course, as I always say; “to live off the income; you have to have them…before.”


2nd-Amy Robitaille: 7H54´ – 25H55´15”. ULTRAMAN WORLD CHAMPION: Being 2nd overall, and more than an hour ahead of the runner-up and runner-up.

We can say that the favorite has fulfilled, and leaves a great place for history, which should be given another year; Apart from having a low level in men, the next participants would have to maintain the same level, a complicated task with the “times” that Amy has done.

Women can be in luck with triathletes like Amy being so fit at 44 years old.

3th-Andree-Anne Girard: 8H40´ – 27H16´. Runner-up in the world and podium in the General: Another example to follow among the Ultraman girls.

It has a lot of merit, especially because it has been very consistent in all the stages, and although it has almost always been a long time behind Amy, it has also managed to get more than 3 hours out of the 3rd of the girls.

6th-Mary Latza: 9H18´ – 30H48´. He achieved 3rd place in women in the 1st stage and did not let go until the end. Also achieving the feat of finishing in the top 6.

10º-Vanuza Maciel: 9H41´ – 32H38´. After struggling to climb to 4th place, she finally manages to gain more than an hour over Anja in the double marathon, completing the Ultraman in the “TopTen”.

12th-Anja Hooton; 11H10´ – 33H22´. He has fought to be 4th, which is not little, and more; after having passed the haircut time in the 1st stage. Being overtaken by Vanuza in the race, she couldn't help but drop down. Another girl finishing the UM in Hawaii, it is another victory and paves the way for others to be encouraged.


As I always say; Thanks to them we have had Spanish representation, a round of applause just for that. But on top of that they have done it well:

Of the 3 Spanish participants, (more like 2, since the Spanish-American Fernando López competed as a Uruguayan, and although I included him among Spaniards “to make himself bigger” and appear more (According to his words he considers himself Uruguayan, Spanish and American) , you have to respect which country each one wants to represent); He didn't finish one.

Miguel Ángel Domínguez Cano He did not pass the cut-off time in the 1st stage, the 5H20' that he took in the swimming sector must have made it difficult for him to take on the subsequent remaining 145 km of cycling...

Although we also do not rule out that other possible physical or mechanical problems could arise, something very common in stages as long as those of Ultraman.

Let's move on to the other countryman; Ismael Franco, who had a good performance finishing 11th, and going from low to high; starting with 4H13' in the 10K swim, and approaching the cut-off time in the 1st stage with 11H40'.

He improved in the 2nd and 3rd stages, finishing the double marathon in 10H41, and with a final time of 32H41'. Making us feel proud of the only Spaniard to finish. Bravo Ishmael!

To conclude, an Ultraman with an impressive record, and with some triathletes who have given their all just to participate.

It is true what we have discussed with the data in hand; The level depends a lot on the triathletes who participate each year; It's a curious thing, but that's how it is; Last night, discussing the UM with friends, they told me a curious fact that they had as a reference regarding my humble participation years ago; They told me: “con the time you did in 2017 (including the more than hour and a half you were lost); This year you would have been 3rd in boys, when at that time you were 13thº”…

Well, as I said before; These are data that make you think. As we usually say: the most important thing is that a test like this continues to be held, which does not have the weight worldwide that it should have because it does not move the money that other competitions move at other distances.

Meanwhile; Some of us will continue to enjoy the celebration of these tests trying to value them and, above all; encouraging others to do them.

Until next year friends; lots of health and lots of triathlon for everyone.

Ultraman lovers: ALOHA, OHANA, KOKUA.

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