Sören Nissen and Anne-Dorthe Lisbygd, champions of the 4 Stage MTB Race Lanzarote 2021 

More than 80 kilometers, 1.700 meters of unevenness and a lot of heat have set up the last stage of the 4 Stage MTB Race Lanzarote.

The queen stage has taken her Soren Nissen, that he has not gotten off the podium during the entire race. The Luxembourgish runner was the first to reach the finish line and has maintained his physique and mentality throughout the competition. Following closely behind him was Sam De Nijs, who never caught up with Nissen.

Víctor Manuel Fernández, who yesterday took the lead in the general classification, could not withstand at the end the pace of the runners who reached the podium and was fourth, just one tenth behind Óscar Carrasco, and at 1:31 with respect to the winner.

In the female category, Ann-Dorthe Lisbygd he achieved the plenary session, winning the four stages he has played. The Danish did not slow down on any of the days of competition and has taken a well-deserved victory.

It should be noted that both the Romanian Manuela Muresan, and the German Naima Diesner, never lowered their arms and kept fighting to try to reach Lisbygd at some point.

For her part, the Spanish Raquel Lisbona maintained a good race pace at all times and finished in fourth position.

2 names shining above the rest: Sören Nissen and Anne-Dorthe Lisbygd.

Sören Nissen and Anne-Dorthe Lisbygd, champions of the 4 Stage MTB Race Lanzarote 2021,img_60b7155b553f7
Soren Nissen

The Luxembourgian biker and the Danish cyclist took home the victory after four hard days. In this 4 Stage MTB Race Lanzarote, the leadership in the men's category has passed through the hands of Sören Nissen, Ismael Ventura and Víctor Manuel Fernández. Only Nissen remained on the podium in all four stages.

Two Spaniards got the podium in the general: Víctor Manuel Fernández, leader of the time trial, and Óscar Carrasco, who maintained a constant competition pace during all stages.

Each day of competition was more complicated than the previous one, not only because of accumulated fatigue, but also because of the progressive increase in the hardness of the stages.

Manuel de León stood out among the Canarian participants. His great role throughout the test has had its reward in the form of a creditable sixth place in the final general, ten minutes behind the champion.

Sören Nissen and Anne-Dorthe Lisbygd, champions of the 4 Stage MTB Race Lanzarote 2021,img_60b71567bb795
Anne-Dorthe Lisbygd

On the other hand, in the female category, Lisbygd shone with her own light, she had no rival at any time and managed to take first place in all the stages and without giving the option to Manuela Muresan and Naima Diesner, who followed her from afar.

Success in this new edition of the 4 Stage MTB Race Lanzarote.

More than 250 participants toured the unique landscapes of Lanzarote while putting their endurance to the test in a test marked by the equality of the male category and the superiority of Lisbygd in the female category.

Bringing together so many bikers, many of them from different countries, is a great boost for sports competitions and for the Canary Islands in the progressive return of the calendar of tests and events.

The security protocols applied by the organization, headed by Club La Santa, adapted to the health situation - previous tests, access controls and gauges, collection of numbers in differentiated time slots or use of the mask until the start of the race - have worked at all times and have ensured the safe conduct of the test.

The success of the organization would not have been possible without the work of the volunteers. His work was essential so that the bikers could focus on what is most important: compete and enjoy the event.


Male category:
1. Soren Nissen (LUX) 03:15:22
2. Sam De Nijs (NL) + 01:23
3. Oscar Carrasco (ESP) + 01:30

Female category:
1. Ann-Dorthe Lisbygd (DK) 03:47:19
2. Manuela Muresan (RO) + 22:56
3. Naima Diesner (GER) + 30:01

1. Soren Nissen (LUX) 07:48:38
2. Victor Manuel Fernández (ESP) + 01:12
3. Oscar Carrasco (ESP) + 04:22

1. Ann-Dorthe Lisbygd (DK) 09:05:23
2. Manuela Muresan (RO) + 50:25
3. Naima Diesner (GER) + 59:22

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