Swim Challenge Cascais 2023, a complete success 

The Spaniards Andrea de la Hera and Mikel García win the 20 km test. 

El Swim Challenge Cascais 2023 It has been an event that has attracted the attention of the sports community, especially among triathletes and open water swimmers in both Portugal and Spain.  

This year, the event has reached new heights, setting several records and showcasing an unprecedented level of competition. 

Event Summary 

The 11th edition of the Lidl Swim Challenge in Cascais has been monumental. With more than 700 athletes participating, the event has integrated the new Swim Grand Prix brand and the Ultramarathon Swim Series World Circuit.  

In addition, it has set records in various categories, including the participation of 32 nationalities and 215 foreign athletes. 

Winners and Records 

This year, the Swim Challenge Cascais has been the scene of truly memorable performances, especially by the Spanish athletes Andrea de la Hera y Michael Garcia.  

Both took victory in the queen distance of 20KM, but their achievements go far beyond simply crossing the finish line in first place. 

Andrea de la Hera Not only was she the first woman to cross the finish line, but she also broke records.  

He completed the crossing in a time of 3 hours, 52 minutes and 16 seconds, establishing a new approved record for the test.  

Its average speed was 1 minute and 9 seconds per 100 meters, equivalent to 5,2 km/h. Furthermore, Andrea started 3 minutes after the men and still managed to surpass the entire men's peloton.  

Her performance was so outstanding that she became the true hero of the event, especially after her ecological gesture during the 5 km test. 

On the other hand, Michael Garcia He also left his mark on the history of the event. She won the 20 km aquatic ultra marathon with a time of 3 hours, 56 minutes and 6 seconds. 

Table of Winners of the Swim Challenge Cascais 2023

20 km test

Position Male Podium Women's Podium
🥇 Michael Garcia Andrea de la Hera
🥈 Janne Haapaniemi Catarina Ganzeli Winkler
🥉 Mauro Inacio Thais Sant'Ana

10 km test

Position Male Podium Women's Podium
🥇 Eduardo Llantada Maria Armas
🥈 Mario Bonança Maria Angel
🥉 Ioseba Mateos Helen Lynes

5 km test

Position Male Podium Women's Podium
🥇 Eduardo Llantada Andrea de la Hera Martin
🥈 Ioseba Mateos Eduardo Bugalho
🥉 Fernando Dolabella Lilian Lehman

Complete classifications 

A Heroic Act by Andrea de la Hera 

In the middle of the competition, Andrea de la Hera He showed that being an elite athlete is not at odds with being a citizen committed to the environment.  

During the 5km race in Cascais, the race leader did something unexpected: she stopped to collect plastic from the sea.  

This gesture, far from costing him victory, became a symbol of his greatness. 

 Andrea handed the plastic to the support boat and continued to lead the race, eventually winning the overall classification. This act not only highlights her skill as a swimmer, but also her commitment to a more sustainable world. 

Without a doubt, Andrea has become the true hero of the Festival Swim Challenge, setting an example for athletes and spectators alike. 

Outlook for 2024 

This event has set a precedent for what athletes can expect in 2024. 

With the growing popularity and the date strategically placed to be a perfect option as a test for IRONMAN Portugal, the Swim Challenge Cascais It is emerging as an ideal goal for the triathlete. 

Cascais as a Destination 

Cascais is not just a place to compete; It is also a tourist destination with much to offer.  

From white sand beaches to a rich cultural heritage, the city is a paradise for sports and nature lovers.  

In addition, the Sintra-Cascais Natural Park offers hiking trails that are a must-see for any visitor. 

Words from the Organizer: An Unforgettable Event 

Jorge Pereira, the brain behind the Swim Challenge Cascais, could not contain his excitement when talking about this year's event.  

“The performance of these swimmers exceeded our expectations and offered an unforgettable show", he claimed.  

But Jorge didn't stop there. “We are sure that the images transmitted today were impressive and will attract many more participants and visitors to the three councils of Lisbon, Oeiras and Cascais in the future."He added. 

Jorge also highlighted the heroic act of Andrea de la Hera, saying: "What Andrea did in the 5 km test was more than a symbolic gesture; It was a call to action for all of us. Her commitment to the environment reflects the spirit of this event, which goes beyond competition and enters the field of social and environmental responsibility.l ". 

Finally, Jorge Pereira expressed his gratitude to everyone who made the event possible. “I want to thank every athlete, volunteer and sponsor who contributed to the success of this event. Together, we are raising the Cascais Swim Challenge to new heights and I can't wait to see what the future holds.".  

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